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Plan for new Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Sun, 28 January 2013


VANCOUVER, BC – "Vancouver Art Gallery leadership believe they have met the criteria necessary to gain city approval for the building of a new, stand-alone gallery on public land. However, the plan still faces significant hurdles and opposition from critics. A confidential business plan for the project has found that the new proposed gallery would be operationally viable, and could financially support itself on its current funding model. The business plan, prepared by Lord Cultural Resources and contained in a report obtained by The Vancouver Sun, was does not deal with how VAG would raise the $300 million needed to build its new home but instead looks at post-construction operations. "


Three New Ideas for Cultural Funding


Toronto arts funding: young artists like Che Kothari lead the way

thestar.com, 18 January 2013


TORONTO, ON - ”Follow the artists,” one of Toronto’s top real estate agents advises. He was explaining how to choose one of the city’s future hot zones. But this week, with the fairy-tale news of how the billboard tax will be used for a desperately needed increase in the city’s arts funding, we got a stunning demonstration of how valuable that maxim can be when it comes to setting strategic policy. It was disenfranchised, marginalized young artists who came up with the idea that billboards, which make the city more ugly, should be taxed and the profits turned over to creative people whose mission is make the city more beautiful. That’s a revolutionary stroke of genius according to Gail Lord, an astute cultural consultant who lives in Toronto but works all over the world. “During 40 years of working in the arts, I have known many artists to make the case for supporting the arts,” says Lord, co-president of Lord Cultural Resources. “But this is the first time I have ever heard of artists creating a new source of revenue and getting it implemented.” [See also $22.5 Million Invested in Toronto Arts in Historic Motion, Blouin ArtInfo, 11 January 2013]


Brazil to give $25 monthly culture stipend to workers to go to movies, read books or visit museums

Art Daily, 25 January 2013


BRASILIA , BRAZIL - "Despite the economic crisis, Brazil announced Thursday it planned to give workers here a 50-real ($25) monthly stipend for cultural expenses like movies, books or museums. "In all developed countries, culture plays a key role in the economy," Culture Minister Marta Suplicy said in an interview on national television. She recalled that popular former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva created "Bolsa Familia" (Family Grant), the program of conditional cash transfers to the poor which his successor, President Dilma Rousseff, expanded. "Now we are creating food for the soul; Why would the poor not be able to access culture?" the minister said. Suplicy said the new incentive, approved by Congress and endorsed by Rousseff late last month, is expected to be introduced some time this year.


Potato Museum gets support from grocery sales

Promotion will make museum a destination

CBC News, 17 January 2013


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA – "Sobeys in Atlantic Canada will be selling special bags of potatoes in February to support the Canadian Potato Museum in western P.E.I. Each bag of the heritage netted gems sold, packaged in sand-coloured paper bags, will see 25 cents donated to the O'Leary museum. Fifteen cents of that is coming from Elmsdale farmer John Griffin, the man who's supplying the potatoes. "They're a non-profit museum here in western P.E.I. kind of representing the potato industry in Canada," said Griffin. "They have a great facility and people who go there usually enjoy seeing what they have to offer and just not enough people know about it." The other dime will come from Sobeys."


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Our Clients and Lord Cultural Resources in the News


Center for World Culture holds "Creativity Forum 2013"

Saudi Aramco, 30 January 2013


DHAHRAN, SAUDI ARABIA - "The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture held its first annual Creativity Forum in Dhahran with a series of presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshops featuring artists, scientists, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and designers. The two-day program focused on creativity and innovation with the theme of "Bridging the Gap between Conceptualization and Realization," and drew more than 600 professionals, educators, students and members of the local community. Further public participation was encouraged through the Cultural Center's highly active Twitter account and the social media platforms of its followers. Participants found the event vibrant, full of youthful energy and inspiring."


La Monnaie de Paris ne connaît pas la crise... malgré le retard de son projet "MétaLmorphoses"

Le Monde, 24 Janvier 2013


PARIS – "La Monnaie de Paris, établissement public industriel et commercial dirigé par Christophe Beaux, s'apprête à publier un communiqué annonçant les conséquences du retard de son projet MétaLmorphoses confié à l'Agence d'architecture Philippe Prost. "


Winners Announced in Mumbai Urban Design Competition

The BMW Guggenheim Lab hosted a competition to redesign one of the city's most viscid intersections.

Architectural Record, January 18, 2013


MUMBAI, INDIA - "“The traffic in Mumbai is immensely congested and chaotic,” says the Guggenheim Museum’s David van der Leer. “Many people commute for four hours every day, and I have had my fair share of endless travel times.” The curator heads up the museum’s BMW Guggenheim Lab, a traveling pop-up event and exhibition space that has been docked in the city of 18 million people for the last six weeks. Van der Leer and the lab’s other organizers singled out one traffic interchange as particularly gnarly and, with the Mumbai Environmental Social Network, launched a design competition to address the Kala Nagar Traffic Junction last fall. Today, they announced the winners."


La Cité du cinéma : un Beaubourg du 7e art à Cannes

Exponaute, 17 janvier 2013


CANNES, FRANCE – "C’est l’annonce qui ravit le septième art. Bernard Brochand, député-maire de la ville de Cannes, a confirmé le projet de construction d’une Cité du cinéma en lançant un appel aux investisseurs le 14 janvier dernier. Qu’en est-il vraiment ? " [See also Cannes veut lancer sa «Cité du cinéma», Libération, 15 Janvier 2013]


In search of the Canadian narrative

The StarPhoenix, 16 January 2013


HULL, QC - "The Canadian Museum of Civilization doesn't have enough history on its walls, says the its president and CEO. The exhibits that do explore Canada's past are missing a few things, Mark O'Neill said Tuesday night before an event in Saskatoon seeking input on the museum's $25-million renovation and rebranding. "There's very little about Confederation, there is very little about Canada after 1970, there is very little contemporary history - in fact there is very little history at all," O'Neill said. "It doesn't tell the story of the country, but it never intended to. It basically brings together a series of modules that explains an idea of what Canada is but it doesn't tell the full story."


Let Freedom Ring - A Growing National WWII Museum Opens Newest Building

$35 Million Pavilion Celebrates US Heroes and Military Might

PR Newswire, 13 January 2013


NEW ORLEANS, LA – "The National WWII Museum celebrated the next milestone in its $325 million expansion with a Grand Opening ceremony for the new US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center. An expansive, patriotic and emotional ceremony was matched only by the grandeur and glory of the new pavilion, which opened to the public today. "


Le chantier du Louvre Abou Dhabi peut débuter

Le Journal des Arts, 9 Janvier 2013


ABOU DHABI, EMIRATS ARABES UNIS - "La construction du Louvre-Abou Dhabi, conduite par l’entreprise Arabtec, s’apprête à débuter sur l’île de Saadiyat, pour une ouverture en 2015."


Lascaux entame son tour du monde

Le Journal des Arts, 8 Janvier 2013


BORDEAUX, FRANCE – "Après avoir drainé 100 000 visiteurs en trois mois à Cap Sciences à Bordeaux, « Lascaux 3 » s’apprête à quitter la France pour un tour du monde."


Louvre-Lens : un mois déjà et un bon départ

Le Journal des Arts, 7 Janvier 2013


LENS, FRANCE - "L’antenne du musée du Louvre trouve son public à Lens avec 140 000 visiteurs en un mois. 13 % sont étrangers." 


La Maison de l'histoire de France dissoute après un an d'existence

L’Express, 26 Décembre 2012


PARIS, FRANCE – "Nicolas Sarkozy l'avait voulue, Aurélie Filippetti l'a critiquée, la Maison de l'Histoire de France est morte et officiellement enterrée."


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Developing a Participatory, Provocative History Project at a Small Museum in Minnesota: Interview with Mary Warner

Museum 2.0 blog, 30 January, 2013


MINNESOTA, US - "Earlier this year, I was fascinated to read the account of a participatory project at the Morrison County Historical Society in Minnesota, in which community members were invited to write essays about “what’s it like” to have various life experiences in the County. One of the invited participants—the one who inspired the project—is a young transgender person. Mary Warner, the Museum Manager at the Historical Society, wrote a series of moving articles for her museum newsletter and later for the AASLH’s Small Museum Online Community about her experiences tackling big issues in a small museum. While the articles focus on the controversy around GLBT representation (which is fascinating), I was curious to learn more about the project itself. "


Uffizi increases exhibition space by over a quarter in 2012

But staff shortage keeps one room closed

The Art Newspaper, 29 January 2013


FLORENCE, ITALY - "An additional 1,800 sq. m of floor space was added to the Uffizi Galleries in Florence last year, expanding the museum’s exhibition space by 27%. Two new rooms were recently inaugurated—one dedicated to paintings by Alessandro Allori and Giorgio Vasari, and another to works by various Florentine artists from the second half of the 16th century. The 260 sq. m Niobe Room, designed in the 18th century and home to a number of statues originally from the Villa Medici, Rome, has been reopened after a year and a half of structural restoration to the floor, which had to be strengthened to support the weight of the statues (between 2,000kg and 3,000kg)."


Le futur musée régional de la Narbonne antique, baptisé MuRéNa

En revenant de l’expo!, 29 Janvier 2013


NARBONNE, FRANCE – "La semaine dernière, à l’Hôtel de Région de Montpellier, le projet du Musée régional de la Narbonne antique, a été dévoilé, en présence de Norman Foster, architecte, Christian Bourquin, Président de la Région, et Jacques Bascou, Maire de Narbonne. "


Italy to Construct First Holocaust Museum on Mussolini Residence

Italy is building its first Holocaust museum on Mussolini’s former residence, if bureaucratic obstacles do not hinder its construction.

Arutz Sheva, 29 January 2013


ROME, ITALY - "Italy’s first Holocaust museum, a modern $30 million facility, is being built on the site of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s former residence in Rome, if the many financial and bureaucratic obstacles it faces do not hinder its construction. Rome’s City Council approved final plans for the museum last year, but city funding was later blocked by government-imposed financial restrictions on municipal spending, which were later freed up in December."


Minister of Culture inaugurates Ruling Family history museum in Riffa

Bahrain News Agency, 27 January 2013


MANAMA, BAHRAIN – "A Museum showcasing the history of the Ruling Family was today inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa at Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort in Riffa." [See also Showcasing history of ruling family, Daily Tribune, 28 January 2013]


La Conférence générale de l’ICOM - Rio 2013

ICOM, 24 Janvier 2013


PARIS – "La Conférence générale de l’ICOM aura lieu du 10 au 17 août 2013 à Rio : les professionnels de musées sont invités à participer au vaste programme de la Conférence générale triennale de l’ICOM, qui aura lieu pour la première fois au Brésil. "


For Those Without History, a Memorial Museum in Chile

ArtJournal, 23 January 2013

SANTIAGO, CHILE – "Walk down a flight of stairs and open the door. The door closes behind you and you find yourself in a dark room. You disappear; you can’t leave the space and don’t have a point of reference. A few minutes later, 500 silhouettes of the heads of 500 different people throw a diffuse white light — you find yourself gathered with people, some dead, some disappeared, and some others still alive. You are one of the victims of Chile’s dictatorial period. Finally the door opens and you go outside, warmed again by the natural light of the sun. You have just visited the installation “Geometria de la Conciencia” (“Geometry of the Conscience”) by Alfredo Jaar. You are in the Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Santiago, Chile."


>Jewish Museum to open in Azerbaijan

ANN AZ - Azarbaijan News Network, 21 January 2013


AZERBAIJAN – "The first Jewish museum will appear in Azerbaijan in May of this year. According to the Agency of Jewish News, the statement came from chief of the Azerbaijani affiliate of the International Charity Foundation of Mountain Jews Semen Ikhiilov. He said the museum will open at the building of the Krasnaya Sloboda village synagogue in Guba. “The works on the creation of the museum are to complete until 10 May of this year to make it possible to open the new park of Heydar Aliyev and the first Jewish Museum on the day of the 90th jubilee of the national leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev”, Ikhiilov said. "


Poland's National Museum expands gallery devoted to 20th- and 21st-century Polish art

artdaily.org, 21 January 2012


WARSAW, POLAND - "Poland's National Museum in Warsaw has opened an expanded gallery devoted to 20th- and 21st-century Polish art, with officials hailing it as the most comprehensive permanent collection of modern and contemporary art in the nation's capital. More than 220 objects went on view at an inauguration Friday night. The bulk of the exhibition is made up of paintings but there also are a number of sculptures, video installations and photo montages, with all the works spanning the past century. Museum Director Agnieszka Morawinska told a large gathering of people that the gallery is very important for both the museum and the city "because for the first time there is such a space in Warsaw where you can see how Polish art developed from World War I until today." "


Hitler's 'Wolf Lair' hidden deep in Polish forest to be turned into major tourist attraction

DailyMail.co.uk.,19 January 2013


KETRZYN, POLAND - "Adolf Hitler's secret 'Wolf Lair' set deep in the heart of a forest in north-eastern Poland is to be turned into a major tourist attraction. Forestry workers are looking for an investor to help make the Nazi leader's ruined fortress more accessible to holidaymakers. The camouflaged complex in the woodlands of what was once German East Prussia was one of Hitler's key military headquarters during World War II. " [see also Poland aims to boost tourism at Hitler's WWII lair, Herald Sun, 24 January 2013]


London’s Design Museum Cautiously Mines eBay for New Acquisitions

Blouin Artinfo, 18 January 2013


LONDON, UK - "As US Weekly would say, museums are “Just Like Us“ : they move, jam to electronic music, frequent garage sales, and now, apparently, shop on Ebay. The Design Museum of London is reportedly adding to its more-than-3,000-piece permanent collection — which just over a year ago acquired “Space Invaders” (1978), well ahead of Paola Antonelli’s recently published video game wishlist — using the online auction house. They’re not just clicking away willy-nilly, however: London’s Museums Association frames the practice of Ebay acquisition as an “ethical debate” in which British Museum head of treasure and portable antiques Roger Bland warns of the dangers of “unprovenanced antiquities... many of which may be illicit” and “lack of transparency.” "


Brazilian indigenous groups protest for protection of old Indian Museum

Global Times, 17 January 2013


RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - "The government of Rio de Janeiro plans to tear down an old Indian museum beside Maracana Stadium to build parking lot and shopping center here for the upcoming Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. The plan met with protest from the indigenous groups. Now Indians from 17 tribes around Brazil settle down in the old building, appealing for the protection of the century-old museum, the oldest Indian museum in Latin America. They hope the government could help renovate it and make part of it a college for indigenous Indians."


Brooklyn Museum Finds Some Problematic Gifts Can’t

The New York Times, 15 January 2013


BROOKLYN, NY – "The Brooklyn Museum seemed to have garnered a bonanza in 1932 when it received a large bequest from the estate of Col. Michael Friedsam, president of the elegant retail emporium B. Altman.But eight decades later that cache of Dutch and Renaissance paintings, Chinese porcelains, jewelry and furniture has become something of a burden. "


La rénovation du musée Albert Kahn débutera en 2015

Le Journal des Arts, 15 Janvier 2013


BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, FRANCE - "Prévu de longue date, le projet de rénovation du musée Albert Khan semble être lancé pour de bon. Vendredi 11 janvier, l’architecte japonais Kengo Kuma a présenté au Conseil général des Hauts de Seine la maquette de la future institution, un projet de 27 millions d’euros qui verra le jour en 2017."


Ground Is Officially Broken on Met Museum’s ‘David H. Koch Plaza’

The New York Times, Arts Beat, 14 January 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "The Metropolitan Museum of Art held a formal ground-breaking on Monday morning for the $65 million makeover of its plaza and fountains, a project that has been under construction since October. Wearing hard hats and brandishing shovels – both bearing the Met’s logo – museum and city officials ceremoniously dug into the dirt on the plaza."


Cité de la gastronomie : la poire coupée en quatre et Beaune mise à la diète

Le Journal des Arts, 14 Janvier 2013


PARIS, FRANCE - "Cinq villes avaient été auditionnées en octobre 2012 pour accueillir la Cité de la gastronomie. Toutes ont été retenues dans une bien curieuse formule, à l’exception de Beaune exclue de la sélection."


Les Directeurs du Rijksmuseum à Propos de la Grande Rénovation de l’Institution la plus Populaire d’Amsterdam

Blouin Art Info, 14 Janvier 2013


AMSTERDAM, PAYS BAS - "Amsterdam compte les jours : plus que 89 avant la réouverture en grande pompe du Rijksmuseum, fermé pour rénovation depuis 2003. Une décennie durant, les amateurs d’art ont dû se contenter de l’humble présentation des chefs d’œuvre du musée, y compris du célèbre « La Ronde de nuit » de Rembrandt, réunis dans l’aile Phillips de l’institution. En avril, l’inauguration démontrera très sûrement à tous qu’il a valu le coût d’attendre."


L’Imaginarium : à inventer ensemble

MuséoGraphie-MuséoLogie, 12 Janvier 2013


TOURCOING, FRANCE - "Nouveaux lieux dédiés aux cultures numériques de l’agglomération lilloise, à proximité du Fresnoy à Tourcoing, au cœur d’un nouvel espace alliant entreprises, centres de ressources, lieux de formation, espace patrimonial et culturel, l’Imaginarium a ouvert ses portes récemment sous la férule de Pascale Debrock et avec la direction artistique de Pierre Giner."


South Dakota state museum becomes affiliate of Smithsonian

seattle pi, 11 January 2013


PIERRE, SD - "The South Dakota State Historical Society's museum in Pierre has become an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., a move that will give the historical society access to the Smithsonian's vast resources, officials announced Friday."


North Korea drops $10m on museum near Cambodia's Angkor Wat

The new museum in Cambodia will reportedly begin its operations in April of this year.

Global Post, 10 January 2013


NORTH KOREA - "North Korea has built a $10 million museum near Cambodia's ancient Angkor Wat temple, which is scheduled to begin operations in April 2013. The museum is being built by the North Korean artists' group Mansudae Art Studio, with investments from the regime, Yonhap News Agency reported. It is intended as a "gesture of friendship" to Cambodia, with which Kim Il Sung had established close relations, Yonhap said."


Le projet de la « tour Médicis » maintenu

Le Journal des Arts, 9 Janvier 2013


MONTFERMEIL, FRANCE - "Le Ministre délégué à la Ville a indiqué sa volonté de mener à bien le projet de la Villa Médicis dans la tour Utrillo malgré un budget revu à la baisse."


Inhotim: le plus grand musée à ciel ouvert du monde

L’Express, 8 Janvier 2013


BRESIL - "Au cœur du Brésil, dans un parc immense, Inhotim est le plus grand musée à ciel ouvert de la planète. Cette folie d'un industriel pourrait devenir La Mecque de l'art contemporain. Reportage."


Jack Lang en bonne voie pour l’IMA

Connaissance des Arts, 8 Janvier 2013


PARIS, FRANCE - "La nomination de Jack Lang à la tête de l’Institut du monde arabe semble se confirmer. Philippe Lalliot, porte parole du ministère des Affaires étrangères, a annoncé mardi 8 janvier que l'ancien ministre de la Culture sera suggéré aux partenaires arabes pour diriger l'Institut du monde arabe."


Museum of Nature to transform into nightclub

CBC News, 29 December 2012


OTTAWA, ON - "The Museum of Nature is shaking things up in an attempt to attract a hip, new crowd. On Jan. 25, the Centretown castle that houses all things nature will roll aside the fossils to make way for turntables, amps and disco lights to lure 20 to 35 year olds for a nightclub-style party. "This is a national institution. It belongs to everyone in Canada and our programming should reflect that," said Cynthia Iburg, the museum's education project leader. A first for Ottawa, it's a trend sweeping museums across North America where daytime viewing of antiquities gives way to nighttime parties featuring bands, artists and out of the ordinary activities. "


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Le Panthéon, une restauration historique

Paris.fr, 31 Janvier 2013


PARIS – "Edifié entre 1764 et 1790, le Panthéon est l’œuvre majeure de l’architecte Jacques-Germain Soufflot. Le Centre des monuments nationaux (CMN), qui conserve, restaure et ouvre à la visite ce monument, entreprend un chantier de restauration d’envergure, l’un des plus grands chantiers de restauration d’Europe.... "


schmidt hammer lassen wins Karlshamn scheme with WAN Business Information

World Architecure News, 28 January 2013


SWEDEN - "On Friday it was announced that Danish architecture studio schmidt hammer lassen had won an international competition to design a 5,000 sq m cultural centre and library in Karlshamn, Sweden. The overarching concept for the design was ‘under one roof’, drawing together all of Karlshamn’s cultural elements in a single building. schmidt hammer lassen architects has been signed up to World Architecture News’ (WAN’s) Business Information Service for several years now and WAN was one of the first sources to list the tender in May 2012. "


Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum: A Gem, Newly Polished

Cruz y Ortiz and Jean-Michel Wilmotte complete a 10-year overhaul of the stern neo-Gothic structure.

Architectural Record, 23 January 2013


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - "In recent months the museum hogging the cultural spotlight in Amsterdam has been the Stedelijk, which opened in December after a nine-year renovation and expansion. (Read Justin Davidson's review.) Many critics have panned its extension, designed by Benthem Crouwel and dubbed the “bathtub.” But this spring, attention will turn to the $500 million expansion of the Rijksmuseum, which shares a public square with the Stede­lijk. It has undergone its own tumultuous 10-year planning, permitting, and building process, plagued by budget overruns and an acrimonious dispute about access for cyclists. Museum director Wim Pijbes, and with him all of the Netherlands, will heave a sigh of relief when it reopens on April 13."


Ceiba-inspired Museo Del Mundo Maya to receive Latin American design award

World Architecure News, 23 January 2013


YUCATAN, MEXICO - "Opened to the public in September 2012, the Museo Del Mundo Maya in Yucatan, Mexico has been recognised by the Premio Iberoamericano CIDI in the Culture category. The awards programme covers all Latin American territories and the architects of Museo Del Mundo Maya, Grupo Arquidecture (formerly 4A Arquitectos) will officially receive their award at a ceremony in March.  The Museo Del Mundo Maya is a significant cultural project which celebrates the ‘integrated vision’ of Yucatan through the preservation and promotion of the region’s cultural heritage. Through a series of exhibitions and interactive displays, the museum educates the public on local history, including multicultural changes through migration. "


TOP 5: en 2012 l’Architecture Enracine la Culture sur des Bases Solides

Blouin Art Info, 15 Janvier 2013


FRANCE – Diaporama.


On The Boards: Steven Holl Architects' Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums

Architectural Record, January 11, 2013


TIANJIN, CHINA - "At a December lecture at New York City's Cooper Union, Steven Holl spoke about the swiftness with which his Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums were designed and approved—as opposed to the 15-year gestation period for his Knut Hamsun Center in Hamarøy, Norway. He sketched the ecology museums on August 31, 2012, the designs were approved on November 2, and construction of the 600,000-square-foot project is set to begin this spring, said Holl. The museums, which the architect said are visually dependent on each other, have complementary "additive" and "subtractive" spaces, according to a press release. 


Ten Modern Buildings That Make Bad Neighbors

Architizer, 11 Janvier 2013


MONDE - "Bad neighbors are loud, obnoxious, snooty, flashy, always putting on a show and airing out their domestic grievances, and give cheap candy away for Halloween. Oh, and they will never miss the chance to yell at your kids/pets for walking on their lawn. The same can more or less be said about these ten buildings, all of which seem to have forgotten the golden rule: do unto your fellow building as you would like your fellow building to do unto you. (In other words, be a good neighbor"


Inauguration du Mariinsky II à Saint-Pétersbourg le 2 mai

Connaissance des Arts, 10 Janvier 2013


SAINT-PETERSBOURG, RUSSIE - "Le Mariinsky II, l’extension du théâtre historique de Saint-Pétersbourg, sera inauguré du 2 au 4 mai 2013."


Marseille Provence 2013 : panorama des nouveaux musées pour l’année Capitale

Mlactu.fr, 9 Janvier 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE - "Qui dit Capitale Européenne de la Culture, dit nouvelles infrastructures. A Marseille, six nouveaux grands musées sortent de terre. De nouvelles infrastructures dans les second et troisième arrondissements qui devraient totalement modifier la physionomie de la ville, notamment le bord de mer. Ce 12 janvier, le J1 et la Tour-Panorama ouvrent leurs portes, en attendant dans quelques mois le MuCEM et la Villa Méditerranée.  Panorama en images de la cité phocéenne, version MP 2013."


Rem Koolhaas to curate Venice Biennale '14

World Architecture News, 9 January 2013


VENICE, ITALY –  "At a meeting of the Board of the Biennale di Venezia it was announced that OMA founder Rem Koolhaas will curate the 2014 International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Speaking on the official announcement, Koolhaas commented: “We want to give a new look to the basic elements of architecture - used by any architect, anywhere and at any time - to see if we can find something new.” "


Studio Fuksas wins competition for Chengdu Tianfu Cultural and Performance Centre

World Architecture News, 8 January 2013


CHENGDU, CHINA - "An international competition to design a 110,000 sq m cultural centre in Chengdu, China has been won by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas of Studio Fuksas. The design duo will see construction begin on their concept for Chengdu Tianfu Cultural and Performance Centre in the next couple of months which they say reflects ‘the dynamism and desire to grow of the community of Chengdu’."


Un musée à visiter pour son enveloppe ?

MuséoGraphie-MuséoLogie, 2 Janvier 2013


GRAZ, AUTRICHE - " Le centre d’art contemporain de Graz est spectaculaire et l’on n’hésite pas à venir de loin pour le voir. Inauguré en 2003 à l’occasion de la capitale européenne de la culture, il est intéressant de constater que dix ans plus tard l’architecture reste étonnante. "


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London's V&A Museum Embraces the Digital Age With New Games Design Residency

Blouin ArtInfo, 30 January 2013


LONDON — "The Victoria and Albert Museum has collaborated with the University of Abertay in Dundee to create a new residency for a games designer to develop work inspired by the museum’s collections, with emphasis on Britain in the 1500 – 1900 period. This is the first time the museum, which has currently has three residency studios (two for multi-disciplinary work, and one for ceramics), has opened up its program to a games designer. “Games design is a growing industry in the UK and Britain is now one of the leaders in the world in this field. It is a highly skilled form of design that requires both creative and scientific skills,” said Ruth Lloyd, V&A Residency Coordinator."


Baromètre mondial du partage social des contenus muséaux – 21/27 janvier 2013 (Museum Analytics)

Clic France, 28 Janvier 2013


MONDE – "Chaque semaine, nous publierons sur le site du Clic France le baromètre mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics. "


Avec Wikimedia, le Muséum de Toulouse met son patrimoine photo à la disposition du monde

Clic France, 25 Janvier 2013


TOULOUSE, FRANCE – "Avec le projet Phoebus, le personnel du Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Toulouse met sa collection photo à la disposition des intrenautes du monde. Plus de 1 600 photos haute définition des pièces du fonds l’établissement municipal ont déjà été mises en licence libre sur Wikipédia. "


3D Design and Printing, All Within Your Browser

Hyperallergic, 24 January 2013


LOS ANGELES, CA — "As 3D printing creeps into more and more projects, making product production more accessible, I’ve always wondered how we can make product design more accessible. How can the average person take advantage of the plethora of resources out there for creating new objects?  While open-source tools like Audacity and Open Office have made music and word processing easier and more affordable to engage with, the resources surrounding 3D printing and design are steadily growing."


Les Archives nationales doivent dépoussiérer leurs pratiques

Il faut que les politiques d’archivage s’adaptent à l’ère numérique, sans quoi la mémoire collective se perdra, dit Daniel J. Caron

Le Devoir, 21 janvier 2013


CANADA –  "C’est un paradoxe amusant. Sous la pression des technologies de l’information, des réseaux sociaux et des vies connectées, les premières années du siècle en cours ont été propices à la conversation numérique, à la production massive et au partage d’informations en tout genre par écrans interposés, mais également à la création de données informatiques dont les volumes sont désormais décrits avec des concepts - quintillion, sextillion, etc. - qui dépassent l’entendement."


Who Art You, naissance d’un nouveau réseau social dédié à l’art

CLIC France, 15 Janvier 2013

FRANCE - " Ce mardi 15 janvier 2013, l’univers des réseaux sociaux accueille Who Art You, plateforme destinée aux amateurs d’art. Who Art You se distingue des autres réseaux sociaux existants par la constitution d’une communauté spécifique d’amateurs d’art (ou de futurs amateurs d’art) et la promotion de la prise de photo in situ. "


Crowd-Sourced Curating at the Brooklyn Museum

Technology in the Arts - Blog, 15 January 2013


BROOKLYN, NY – "As the arts world continues to discuss and reconsider what it means to participate in the arts, the Brooklyn Museum is testing a new construct of audience engagement with its current exhibit GO: A Community-Curated Open Studio Project.  GO combines two existing tactics: inviting the public into studios of working artists to see where and how artwork is made, and crowdsourcing the selection of that artwork through an open voting process. "


Cleveland Museum of Art leads American art museums with its new Apple iPad mobile app and Gallery One education center

Cleveland.com, 13 January 2013


CLEVELAND, OHIO - "Once considered a stuffy bastion, the Cleveland Museum of Art is poised to launch in the country. On Monday, Jan. 21— Martin Luther King Jr. Day — the museum will debut its new Gallery One educational center, which includes a 40-foot-long interactive display wall, said by the museum to be the largest in any U.S. art museum. The museum will also unveil ArtLens, its free new mobile application for the Apple iPad, which visitors can use along with the “Collection Wall” in Gallery One to build customized tours of its collection or to tap into tours organized by staff members, including director David Franklin." [See also Cleveland Museum of Art is ready for iPads as part-exhibit, part-tour guide, WKSU, 25 January 2013; Avec un mur multi-touch de 12 mètres, le Cleveland Museum fait entrer la médiation numérique dans une nouvelle dimension, Clic France, 21 Janvier 2013 ]


Universcience et l’ambition de la cybermuséologie

Culture et Communication, 10 Janvier 2012


PARIS - " Depuis plusieurs années, la Cité des sciences innove dans les nouvelles technologies appliquées à la médiation culturelle. On se rappellera des expériences avec des puces RFID (en partenariat avec le Museum de Lyon) et Visite+."


Should Museum Exhibitions Be More Linear? Exploring the Power of the Forced March in Digital and Physical Environmentsfrom

Museum 2.0 blog, 9 January 2013


USA - "When I was a teenager, I was enthralled by interactive fiction. I loved the idea of the web as an infinite landscape, with stories and poems spiraling out in nonlinear directions. Fifteen years later, the web has evolved tremendously... but hypertext-based interactive art and fiction is  still a nerdy sideline at best. A cult of linearity has dominated content on the web, with implications about how we think about effective storytelling both online and in museums."


How Do Arts Organizations Use the Internet?

Hyperallergic, 8 January 2013


USA - "Museums sometimes seem to have a split identity — some institutions are on the bleeding edge of innovation, taking full advantage of the internet and technology in spreading access to their collections and programming. Others are stuck in the past, operating just how they might have decades ago with administrations unwilling to push technological initiatives. A report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project on “Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies” provides a fascinating insight into just how museums and other cultural institutions view their relationship to the web."


La géniale idée numérique d'un musée Hollandais

Open21, 8 Janvier 2013


AMSTERDAM, PAYS-BAS - " Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais j'ai navigué dans le domaine de l'art pendant quelques années, notamment pour y faire mes études et mes premières armes en matière de communication digitale. C'est pourquoi l'art, et plus particulièrement la peinture, reste cher à mon coeur. Il y a quelques jours, je découvre au fil de ma veille professionnelle, que le Rijksmuseum d'Amsterdam vient d'innover en matière d'ouverture et de partage d'une manière spectaculaire. "


Regards croisés de community managers de musées

Culture et Communication, 8 Janvier 2012


FRANCE - " Les réseaux sociaux deviennent de plus en plus présents dans la vie des Français. En effet, 8 habitants sur 10 seraient inscrits sur un réseau social et près des 2/3 les fréquenteraient quotidiennement. "


What Constitutes Good and Bad Web Design?

The New York Times, 6 January 2013


LONDON, UK — "It sounded so simple. I wanted to know what exhibitions will be shown at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris this year, and consulted its Web site. Could I find the information there? No. I tried searching in English, then in French, and scoured every section of the site, even the least likely ones. Perhaps I could have pieced together the details eventually, but I wasn’t sure how."


Digital Chinese caves preserve history

BBC News, 5 January 2013


CHINA - "Digital caves are a revelation for tourists - and offer respite for ancient historical sites. Jane O'Brien explores how 3D recreations can be even better than the real thing. Atmospheric music greets visitors to Cave 220 - part of the Mogau Grottoes of Dunhuang, an oasis on the ancient Silk Road in China's Gobi Desert. A flickering torch offers a tantalising glimpse of the exquisite murals painted by Buddhist monks some 1,400 years ago. And then suddenly, the cavern is ablaze with light, its beauty fully revealed in dazzling colour and extraordinary detail. But this is not a real cave - it's a virtual environment created by scientists in Hong Kong using technology that has only been available for a few years."


Jessica Fèvres – de Bideran: « La réalité augmentée en ville, un régime scopique patrimonial »

CLIC France, 2 Janvier 2013


BORDEAUX, FRANCE - " Après un premier article consacré à la réalité augmentée dans les musées, Jessica Fèvres – de Bideran (Docteur en Histoire de l’Art) présente le dispositif de réalité augmentée déployée dans les rues de Bordeaux depuis septembre 2012. "


Museum Websites Are Getting Better, But I Have Two Pet Peeves

Art Journal Blogs, 2 January 2013


WORLD - "While I was checking around on museum websites the other day to see which ones would be open on Jan. 1 and which would not, I noticed that many museums have updated their websites in recent months, mostly for the good.  Some have been radically redesigned and show off their art handsomely. A few look a tad corporate to me. And everyone’s got moving images (which is bad news only if they take a long time to load). "


La mise en valeur du patrimoine culturel par les nouvelles technologies

Culture et Communication, 27 Décembre 2012


FRANCE - "Applications pour smartphone, tablettes tactiles, QR codes, visioguides, consoles de jeux mobiles... Depuis quelques années, les nouvelles technologies sont au cœur des pratiques culturelles appliquées par différentes institutions muséales et patrimoniales françaises. "


Vatican Museums to install new vacuum systems to clean dust from visitors

Catholic World News, 26 December 2013


VATICAN - "The Vatican Museums will install new high-tech systems to remove dust from visitors’ clothing, the director has announced. Antonio Paolucci, the director of the Vatican Museums, said that special carpeting will be placed near the entrance to the Sistine Chapel, to clean the shoes of those entering. There will also be vacuum ducts on the walls to remove dust from clothing and to combat the heat and humidity that endanger the frescoes. The new equipment is an effort to prevent deterioration of the Michelangelo masterpiece without restricting public access. "


Un musée sur les civilisations africaines prend son envol sur la toile

Culture et Communication, 19 Décembre 2012


CHICAGO, ETATS-UNIS - " J’ai découvert il y a peu, un nouveau musée -virtuel dans un premier temps, duquel on m’a demandé de devenir membre du Comité directeur. Ce musée, membre de la célèbre American Association of Museum, est le Museum Africa de Chicago."


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Art and Culture


The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada

Connections between Cultural Activities and Health, Volunteering, Satisfaction with Life, and Other Social Indicators in 2010

Hill Strategies Research, 30 January 2013


CANADA - "The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada, the 39th report in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, examines whether connections exist between Canadians' cultural activities and their personal well-being. The data in the report show that there is a strong connection between 18 cultural activities and eight indicators of health and well-being (such as health, mental health, volunteering, feeling stressed, and overall satisfaction with life). Cultural participants have significantly better results than non-participants for 101 out of 144 cross-tabulations (or 70%). Cultural participants have significantly worse results for only 10 of the cross-tabulations (or 7%). (Further details about the eight social indicators and 18 cultural activities are provided at the end of this summary.)" [See also Is art good for your health? New study suggests it is, The Globe and Mail, 30 January 2013]


Contemporary art is on the move in Dubai

A new art organisation, Moving Museum, is organising solo displays of international artists and planning shows in Venice and London

The Art Newspaper, 30 January 2013


DUBAI, UAE - "Dubai’s dogged attempts to transform itself into a contemporary art hub could be boosted by an ambitious show opening in the emirate in March with 24 international contemporary artists including Jeremy Deller, Ryan Gander, Eddie Peake and Haroon Mirza. The exhibition, due to launch at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC, 18 March-24 April), is organised by a new, non-profit body called the Moving Museum, which plans to mount other shows in Venice and London later this year as part of a touring exhibition programme."


In Revolutionary Syria, Galleries Become Refuges and Artists Turn Dissident

BLOUIN ArtInfo, 25 January 2013


SYRIA - "Not so long ago it looked like Damascus was in line to once again become a global center for art, given its own burgeoning gallery scene and the growing international interest in works by Syrian artists. Today, the glossy images from openings of years past stand in stark contrast to the bloody bodies and bombed-out buildings that fill the headlines. World heritage sites throughout Syria are being destroyed, while refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey swell with those escaping the violence. Still, Syrian artists are continuing to make work, building new homes abroad, and bringing their art with them. Perhaps their perseverance is a sign that Syrian art will continue to flourish, despite a revolution that has already claimed 60,000 lives."


Egypt’s art world rallies to defend freedom of expression

Artists, curators, critics and academics fear new constitution threatens censorship of the arts and culture

The Art Newspaper, 24 January 2013


EGYPT – “Long Live Free Art”, the rallying-call title of an exhibition that closed in Cairo on 15 January, succinctly expressed the Egyptian art world’s growing resistance to the new constitution, which was approved at the end of December, handing a majority victory to Islamists. Artists, curators, critics and academics have united against president Mohamed Morsi and his controversial charter, which they say threatens freedom of expression and creativity. Resistance is increasing in other ways too—through mass protests, works of art in the street, open letters and artists’ statements. More demonstrations calling for a consensual constitution are expected on 25 January, the second anniversary of the revolution that swept through Egypt.


Arts and culture tourism an economic haul for Ontario

Global News, 22 January 2013


TORONTO – "Arts and culture tourism has become a major economic driving force for the province, according to a report released by the Ontario Arts Council. The study prepared for the OAC by Research Resolutions & Consulting Ltd. indicates culture spending brought in $4.1 billion in 2010. The economic impact includes the addition of 67,000 jobs, $2.4 billion in wages and $1.7 billion in taxes."[See also Les Canadiens en faveur d'un soutien gouvernemental aux arts, LaPresse, 9 janvier 2013]


Woman asks B.C. to alter heritage law; family to punish member over masks' sale

Global News, 20 January 2013


VANCOUVER, BC – "The recent sale of two cedar masks considered culturally sacred to a Vancouver Island First Nations family has prompted a university instructor to ask the provincial government to change the law affecting cultural property. Members of Port Alberni, B.C.'s Hamilton and Sayers families say they plan to strip the family member who sold the "hinkeets" of her royal title and cultural responsibilities at an upcoming ceremony, shedding light on the internal disciplinary proceedings practised by First Nations for generations. The masks were more than 100 years old, depicted male and female serpents and had been passed down along the maternal lines of the family for safe keeping. But they were auctioned off in November to an unknown buyer for $4,000 and $22,500."


Deux partenariats d’envergure conclus pour la numérisation et la diffusion des collections de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF)

Clic France, 17 Janvier 2013


PARIS – "Le 15 janvier 2013, Aurélie FILIPPETTI, ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, Louis GALLOIS, commissaire général à l’investissement, et Bruno RACINE, Président de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), se sont félicités de la conclusion de deux nouveaux accords de numérisation et de diffusion des collections de la BnF, couvrant les livres anciens et les fonds musicaux. "


We Just Sent the Mona Lisa to the Moon ... With Lasers

The first time anyone has achieved one-way laser communication at planetary

The Atlantic, 17 January 2013


USA - "Since mid-2009, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been, as its name would suggest, circling the moon. As its name would also suggest, the little satellite -- skimming the lunar service at a distance of 31 miles -- is also doing some scouting on our behalf: In its two-and-a-half years of lunar orbit, the satellite has created valuable gravitational maps of the moon, documented the trash humans have left on the lunar surface, and otherwise increased our knowledge about our nearest planetary neighbor. Now, the lunar satellite has done something else, too: served as a surface for art. Specifically, for the most iconic piece of art we have: the Mona Lisa."


3 Hard Truths About the Art Market: It's Nasty, Brutish, and Short-Sighted

BLOUIN ArtInfo, 15 January 2013


USA - "You probably don’t want to read another article on art and money. I don’t really want to write one. But then again, I don’t really want to read another article about how humans are destroying the planet. But it's a fact that they are, and until it is not, I am happy to see such coverage, when it appears. I have three main points that I’d add to the recent onslaught of angry articles about money and its effects on art." [See also In the Debate About the Art Bubble, the Dealer Is the Missing Piece, BLOUIN ArtInfo, 8 January 2013]


Le Foyer de l’Opéra Comique restauré

La Tribune de le l’Art, 14 Janvier 2013


PARIS, FRANCE - "La restauration du Foyer de l’Opéra Comique vient de s’achever et le public aura pu dès ce soir, à l’occasion de la première de David et Jonathas de Marc-Antoine Charpentier, redécouvrir ce superbe espace dans cet édifice baptisé Salle Favart, qui fut reconstruit pour la troisième fois par Louis Bernier (1845-1919) et inauguré en 1898."


Le lancement de MP13 laisse les Marseillais sur leur faim

Le Journal des Arts, 14 Janvier 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "Alors que les Marseillais se sont mobilisés en masse pour le week-end d’ouverture de l’Année capitale européenne, le programme des festivités a manqué d’ampleur et le nombre de sites et expositions est encore limité. "


Une reprise de Virgin à l'étude

Libération, 13 Janvier 2013


PARIS, FRANCE - "Des acteurs de la distribution, dont le réseau Cultura, étudient cette option partielle ou totale du distributeur de biens culturels, selon le «JDD»."


Vœux au monde de la culture : de qui se moque Jean-Marc Ayrault ?

La Tribune de le l’Art, 12 Janvier 2013


PARIS, FRANCE - "On a beau être habitué à ce que les hommes politiques prennent les citoyens pour des imbéciles, il arrive que l’on soit encore étonné d’entendre le cynisme de certains discours."


Top 12 of 2012 – Art Installations in Sydney

WAN, Metro Blogs, 11 January 2013


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - "During 2012, Sydney saw various Public Art Festivals including: Vivid Sydney (May – June 2012); 18th Biennale of Sydney (June – Sept 2012); Art and About (Sept – Oct 2012); and Sculptures by the sea (Oct 2012). One Planet Living emphasises on reviving the local cultural heritage that is being lost throughout the world due to globalisation, by supporting and participating in the arts. The various installations we saw this year in Sydney, both inside and outside, created opportunity for the community to interact, reflect and share the ideas, creativity and culture."


Aurélie Filippetti invite les plus démunis dans les plus grands musées

L’Express, 27 Décembre 2012


PARIS, FRANCE - "La ministre de la Culture lance l'opération "Musées populaires, musées solidaires", par laquelle quelque 400 démunis pourront visiter ce dimanche certaines des plus grandes expositions parisiennes, de Dalí à Hopper, en passant par les Aborigènes d'Australie."


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Creative Economies, Creative Cities and Urban Planning


ALTERNATIVES: Seattle Architects' Innovative [storefront] Engages With Community

Blouin ArtInfo, 31 January 2013


SEATTLE, WA - "After noticing a number of empty storefronts in the neighborhood, Seattle-based architecture firm Olson Kundig Architects leased a vacant retail space in the historic Pioneer Square district and launched an initiative called [storefront] in 2011. The intent was to create an experimental workplace for the firm, and since then, [storefront] has evolved to encompass a diverse program of installations, regenerating itself every four to six weeks into a range of spaces from a gallery to a mushroom farm to a classroom, a record store, and a protracted dinner party."


Patrimoines. Héritage, conscience et acculturations

Option Culture, 31 Janvier 2013


PARIS – "Voici la présentation du colloque international Patrimoines. Héritage, conscience et acculturations, qui se déroulera le lundi 4 mars 2013, de 9h30 à 19h, dans la grande salle de l’École nationale des chartes (1er étage) au 19, rue de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris (http://www.enc.sorbonne.fr/node/286). "


Marseille-Provence 2013 : sous la culture, le business

Télérama, 29 Janvier 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "Depuis l’inauguration de MP 2013, on commence à avoir une idée plus précise du futur boulevard du Littoral, de ses musées... et de ses commerces. "


QR Code mosaics line Brazilian streets

World Architectural News, 28 January 2013


RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – "Each year, approximately two million foreign tourists flood into the pulsing city of Rio de Janeiro (in addition to Brazilian tourist traffic) to sample its sandy white beaches, dance through its colourful carnivals and gaze wonderingly at the 30.1m-high statue of Christ the Redeemer.  Finding one’s way around a buzzing new city can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t speak the language; however visitors to Rio de Janeiro are now able to learn more about the city and its positive traits using their smart phones and tablets. The city began installing a series of QR code patterns onto its pavements on Friday 25 January in preparation for the 2016 Olympics, starting at Arpoador by Ipanema Beach. Keeping in line with the traditional black and white mosaic tiles that already line the streets in this area, the QR codes can be easily activated using a free app for smart phones called ‘QR Reader’."


Thunder Bay’s revitalized waterfront: A declaration that aboriginal culture matters

The Globe and Mail, 18 January 2013


THUNDER BAY, ON – "There’s been a disturbing absence of civic place-making honouring aboriginal culture in northwestern Ontario. Buried for too long, the influence of native design – both historical and contemporary – has been finally expressed in a beautiful narrative set down on the north shore of Lake Superior. As part of a transformed, publicly accessible waterfront now complete in Thunder Bay, Ryan Gorrie, an Ojibway architecture graduate, has worked poetry with traditional bentwood, a material once honed by his ancestors, to craft a lyrical vessel that is open to the city and the waters beyond."


Arctic Bay, Nunavut, plans to revive tourism industry

2007 ban on filming at floe edge drove tour companies away

CBC News, 17 January 2013


ARCTIC BAY, NU, CANADA – "Arctic Bay, Nunavut, is making plans to revive its tourism industry after a ban on filming at the floe edge caused at least one major tour operator to take its business elsewhere. The community’s Hunters and Trappers Organization banned filming at the floe edge in May 2007 in response to a National Geographic article on the narwhal hunt that they felt portrayed the community in a negative light. Clare Kines, Arctic Bay's economic development officer, said the community has since agreed they want to see more visitors. They hope to create a community tourism office that would allow several community members to act as guides or outfitters without having to create, market and advertise their own businesses."


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