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Barry Lord in the media on changes in the museum world and US art philanthropy


Sustainable space, games and the increasing variety of museums. Barry Lord on the changes in the museum world

EXPO Time!, Spring 2013 issue


GERMANY - "In 2007, when I visited your office in Toronto, I was very much impressed by your institution. Together with your wife Gail you founded Lord Cultural Resources in 1981. Today you have worked on 2000 projects in over 50 countries (on 6 continents), and you have 9 offices worldwide. If you think about the last 30 years, how the enterprise had to be changed and which concepts are still valuable from the beginning?"


Enshrining Art With a Permanent, and Personal, Home

[Barry Lord quoted by The New York Times about the trend of magnates of the 21st century to found their own museums.]

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


USA – "Rivaling earlier American moguls who built elaborate edifices to house their art collections, magnates of the 21st century are pouring their fortunes into founding their own ambitious museums. The flurry of building in recent years includes Eli Broad’s contemporary art museum in Los Angeles; the musical instruments museum in Phoenix founded by Robert J. Ulrich, the former Target chief executive and chairman; the H. Ross Perot family’s science museum in Dallas; Alice Walton’s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas; and — an early example of the trend — Paul Allen’s rock ’n’ roll museum in Seattle, which opened in 2000."


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Our Clients and Lord Cultural Resources in the News



Queens Museum of Art to Be Renamed Amid Expansion

The New York Times, 19 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "The 9,335-square-foot Panorama of New York City will still be there, but the familiar logo for the Queens Museum of Art will not. The cultural institution in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is changing its name to the Queens Museum. The renaming accompanies a planned $65-million, 50,000-square-foot expansion that is scheduled to be finished in October."


Fulford: The Royal Ontario Museum is a castle of time

National Post, 18 March 2013


TORONTO, ON - "The Royal Ontario Museum, which today celebrates its 99th birthday by releasing news about the coming triumph of its 100th, has been a site of great distinction longer than anyone living can remember. I learned this solemn truth before I was old enough to visit a museum, by the childish strategy of eavesdropping on my elders. I had a snooty aunt from New York, a snob who considered everything in Canada hopelessly second rate — except for the ROM. A passionate archaeology tourist, she admitted that the ROM was a miraculously civilized outpost in dead, dull, provincial Toronto. I can still hear the reverence in the way she spoke its name."


'Latino Museum' proposed for National Mall

The Washington Post, 14 March 2013


WASHINGTON, DC - "A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Thursday proposed adding an American Latino Museum to the National Mall, saying it’s time to recognize the growing public role and power of the Hispanic population in the U.S. The bill would designate the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building as the site of the new museum. The museum would have to be built through private funds."


Henri Loyrette : sa vie, son Louvre

Le Figaro, 14 Mars 2013


PARIS – "Avant son départ le mois prochain, le patron du plus grand musée du monde revient sur une vie dédiée à l'art. Avec humour, et parfois ironie, sincérité et sensibilité, il se livre de A à Z. Coups de cœur et confidences. "



[Boeing announced a grant opportunity focused on implementing the Chicago’s Cultural Plan and the Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan]

Boeing Press Release, 13 March 2013


CHICAGO, IL – "Boeing’s journey as a global industry leader and corporate citizen parallels its nearly 100-year history of building better communities worldwide. As we contribute toward sustainable growth and systemic impact for our communities and their people, we must place greater emphasis on preparing individuals for success through lifelong learning – a process that starts at birth and continues throughout peoples’ lives. With a focus on integrated, active and ongoing learning we can best build the capacity of individuals and communities to succeed in a constantly evolving world. To this end, our contributions and efforts in Chicago are focused on these key strategies: education, environment, health and human services, arts and culture and civic engagement – to make systemic, lasting contributions to our community."


Librairie du Louvre : la RmnGP veut rassurer les éditeurs

La Tribune de l’Art, 12 Mars 2013


PARIS – "La RmnGP a souhaité réagir à notre article qui faisait suite à une tribune signée de nombreux éditeurs, publiée par Livre-Hebdo, qui dénonçait son projet de déménager la librairie du Louvre sur la mezzanine et de faire descendre au niveau inférieur les produits dérivés. "


Centre Pompidou mobile, l’illusion du succès

Louvre pour tous, 4 Mars 2013


FRANCE – " « Aller au devant de ceux qui ne vont jamais au musée », telle est la mission généreuse de ce musée nomade circulant en France depuis octobre 2011. Une réussite selon ses organisateurs et les médias. Or, l’analyse des publics contredit la version officielle, révélant qu’il attire essentiellement les habitués des musées. Doit-on parler d’échec ? "


La Monnaie de Paris réclame 20 millions d’euros à l’Institut de France

Connaissance des Arts, 28 Février 2013


PARIS – "La Monnaie de Paris, dirigée par Christophe Beaux, réclame à Gabriel de Broglie, chancelier de l'Institut de France, un dédommagement de 20 millions d’euros au titre du coût du transfert de la parcelle de l’an IV. "



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Collections damaged in fire at Cuming Museum

Museums Association, 26 Mar 2013


UK - "Nobody was injured in a fire that began yesterday at the Cuming Museum in Southwark, but the blaze has destroyed the museum’s roof and two of its displays. It is believed collections in storage may have also suffered water damage, while the status of two objects on loan from the British Museum (BM), which were on display, is unknown."


A Museum in Every Community?

Center for The Future of Museums, 26 March 2013


USA - "Accreditation Commissioner Bill Eiland recently stopped by my office to share his concerns about the hundreds of small communities in the South struggling to maintain their culture, identity and population in the face of economic and demographic tides. Bill thinks (and I agree) that community-based museums can be both anchors and engines for such small towns. But museum culture is such that each of our organizations is unique, and singular in origin. It takes a driven founder, or visionary group, to figure out everything from how to incorporate as a nonprofit, to what it means to BE a museum, design exhibits, collect, preserve, etc. etc. If every museum is a one-off, it makes it that much harder for them to spring up where they’re needed."


Pyongyang’s War Museum Gets a Facelift

Infamous U.S. Spy Ship turns up after long and mysterious period of absence

NK News.org, 26 March 2013


NORTH KOREA - "North Korea’s “Victorious Fatherland War Museum”, famous for housing hundreds of relics from the 1950-53 Korean War that almost destroyed the entire peninsula, is part of the standard package of state-approved destinations when visiting the state as a tourist. New conscripts to the Korean People’s Army (KPA) are also taken there shortly after they begin their national service, making it a key ideological tool in the war on history. The state is therefore keen to make sure the museum is up to date, and massive work has reportedly started on vastly expanding the museum in its busy central Pyongyang location."


Designs unveiled for Museum of Troy

de zeen magazine, 26 March 2013


TURKEY - "Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism selected a team from Yalın Mimarlık led by Ömer Selçuk Baz for the project at the UNESCO World Heritage site in the province of Çanakkale. First excavated in 1870, Troy is famous for the mythical siege narrated in Homer's Iliad, and the extensive remains discovered at the site reveal the earliest contact made between the civilisations of Asia and the Mediterranean. The museum will take the form of a large cube clad in Corten steel panels, accessed via a ramp leading underground."


Museum for Makkah history planned

ARAB NEWS, 25 March 2013


JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA - "The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities is currently developing a museum for Makkah history at Maabida Palace, said Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of SCTA yesterday. “We are also building a number of new regional museums,” he added. Prince Sultan made this comment after meeting Abdul Maqsood Khoja at his house in Jeddah. He honored Khoja for donating nine rare manuscripts to SCTA and commended his desire to preserve national heritage. “The books donated by Khoja including a manuscript of the Holy Qur’an donated by Khoja are very valuable,” the prince said. They represent a precious gift for SCTA. “We’ll keep them at the new Makkah Museum,” he added. "


Metropolitan Museum Of Art Open On Mondays, Public Can Now View Masterpieces Seven Days A Week

Huffington Post, 21 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY – "New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art will be open to the public 7 days a week starting July 1. The museum is now closed on Mondays, except on holidays that fall on a Monday. Also on July 1, the museum's opening time will be changed to 10 a.m., from the current 9:30 a.m. The changes also apply to The Cloisters, the Met's museum of medieval art and architecture in Fort Tryon Park, in northern Manhattan. The museum made the announcement on Thursday." [see also Metropolitan Museum of Art to stay open 7 days a week starting in July, NYDailyNews.com, 21 March 2013]


Tabuk Fortress Museum opened for visitors

Arab News, 21 March 2013


SAUDI ARABIA - "An ancient fortress in Tabuk has been restored and is all set to welcome visitors. Prince Fahad bin Sultan, Gov. of Tabuk region and Chairman of Tourism Development Council in Tabuk, inaugurated the Tabuk Fortress Museum earlier this week on Sunday. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA). The Tabuk Fortress Museum was restored and rehabilitated by the SCTA among other projects of rehabilitation and development of museums in the province. Tabuk Fortress was built for the purpose of protecting Tabuk water station and its water wells during the time of Ottoman Sultan Sulaiman Al-Qanoni between the years 1520 and 1566."


Museum To Showcase Contemporary Latin American Art

AP, 21 March 2013


RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL — "Long a cultural backwater, Rio de Janeiro has taken another leap toward becoming an art hot spot with this week's opening of a museum built around one of the world's premier collections of contemporary Latin American art. Casa Daros, a 12,000-square-meter (129,000-square-foot) space in an impeccably renovated 1866 mansion, will house some of the works acquired the past 13 years by Zurich-based collector Ruth Schmidheiny. Working with German curator Hans-Michael Herzog, she combed Latin America at a time when the art world paid little attention to the region. The 1,200 pieces they bought came from 117 artists, most of them still alive and working."


A Building Boom as Chinese Art Rises in Stature

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


CHINA - "After years of fevered activity, museum building and expansion in the United States have slowed to a crawl under a low-lying economic cloud. In Europe, where the climate is even stormier, venerable state-financed institutions go begging for cash. In China, by contrast, the fiscal sun shines. Museums — big, small, government-backed, privately bankrolled — are opening like mad. In 2011 alone, some 390 new ones appeared. And the numbers are holding. China is opening museums on a surreal scale."


What Did You Do in the Civil War, California?

The New York Times, 20 March 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - "ABOUT 15 years ago, Ron Hyde was thumbing through a Civil War magazine when he came across an advertisement for a museum called Drum Barracks. “The ad said it was located in Wilmington, Calif.,” said Mr. Hyde, who lives in Norco, about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. “I thought, ‘That’s got to be a typo. It must be in Delaware or North Carolina.’ ”."


Shrines for Locals Who Made Good

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


PHILADELPHIA, PA - "The round birthday cake was small and simple — “Happy Birthday Mario,” it read. A little more than a dozen people showed up for the cold-cut spread and the operatic music piped into the little party room. Maybe 65 years ago, this same party might have been at the Beverly Hilton or some mansion on the Italian Riviera. That is when the birthday boy, Mario Lanza, was at the pinnacle of his fame as a movie star and singer. These days, it is an annual event at the Mario Lanza Institute, a small museum next to the church in South Philadelphia where Lanza was an altar boy during the Depression."


Country Music Temple Stays in Financial Tune

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "Vince Gill was there, singing about his wife’s smile. Emmylou Harris started off with “Love Hurts.” Jason Aldean sang “Big Green Tractor,” and laughed about hitting the big time with a tune about a farm vehicle. Late last month, they and a handful of other country music stars were gathered in a Times Square theater for a “guitar pull,” an improvised concert at which anything might happen. On this particular night, the guitar pull was far from aimless, though. It was “All for the Hall” — a benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which, like all good country music songs, has a strong story line of its own. It’s one that is rare among cultural institutions."


Looking for Ways to Groom Repeat Visitors

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


DALLAS, TX - "ART museums, seeking the repeat and committed visitor, are experimenting with new ways to cultivate a closer relationship with the public — and, in essence, to become a welcoming extension of the living room, rather than a stiff, Sunday-best excursion. The Dallas Museum of Art recently decided to offer free general admission and a no-cost “friends” membership, aiming to encourage broader involvement and interest, said its director, Maxwell L. Anderson. Others, like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, are trying to entice members into exploring their interest in particular collections, like contemporary American or African art."


The Particular Puzzles of Being a Small Museum

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "ON a recent Sunday afternoon, 13 people gathered outside the Merchant’s House Museum on East Fourth Street in Manhattan. Each had paid $15 for a guided tour of the surrounding NoHo neighborhood, once a tony section of the city. Their guide: an expert from the museum. The neighborhood tour is just one of the ways the Merchant’s House’s longtime director, Pi Gardiner, has sought to raise funds and build audiences for the museum, housed in an elegant town house that belonged to the Seabury Tredwell family for three generations until 1933."


The Rijksmuseum, Reborn

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - " ON a wet day in mid-January, Wim Pijbes, the dapper general director of the Rijksmuseum, was showing a visitor a bit of the newly reconfigured institution that has long housed masterworks from the Netherlands’ wealth of grand artists. Suddenly Mr. Pijbes, standing near the open walkway that will allow the country’s fanatical bicyclists to continue riding through it on their way around Amsterdam, saw something he didn’t like. City workers were starting to demolish parts of the street that is the roof of the underground entrance. Excusing himself, he raced to confer with some yellow-jacketed workers."


No Merger for Los Angeles Museum

The New York Times, 19 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "After several weeks of exploring a merger to shore up its weak financial status, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles appears to have decided to try to go it alone, releasing a statement on Tuesday announcing its intention to stay independent. No one from the museum was available to comment, but the statement seemed a clear sign that its board had decided not to take up a merger offer extended by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, its larger neighbor." [see also Los Angeles MOCA Mulls Pact With National Gallery, The New York Times, 12 March 2013; and LACMA Offers to Bailout MOCA, PND, 11 March 2013]


Tinian plans to construct museum

Marianas variety, 18 March 2013


MARIANA ISLANDS - " The island of Tinian is considering the construction of a museum house the archaeological materials excavated on the island. Visiting Australian National University archaeologist Dr. Michael T. Carson mentioned to Variety last Saturday at the conclusion of his public lecture at American Memorial Park, “This is something that was mentioned in Tinian. The Tinian Mayor’s Office and HPO have many different ideas and one of them is to have a small museum either on the site or at the Historic Preservation Office.” He said the museum may be built after they have finished their studies at the site.


Govt to invest S$62m in enhancing content in national museums

Channel News Asia, 15 March 2013


SINGAPORE - "The Singapore government will invest S$62 million over the next five years to enhance content in the country's national museums, to better tell the Singapore story that will resonate with citizens. Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong announced this on Friday during the debate in Parliament on his ministry's budget estimates. Mr Wong said the money will go into building up the museums' collections, and conserving them with new techniques."


Guest Post: Oh Snap! Experimenting with Open Authority in the Gallery

Museum 2.0 blog by Nina Simon, 13 March 2013


USA - "It can be incredibly difficult to design a participatory project that involves online and onsite visitor engagement... so I was intrigued when I heard about a recent success from Jeffrey Inscho, Web and Digital Media Manager at Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. In this guest post, Jeffrey shares the story behind their big hit with a visitor co-created exhibition. Several months ago, a cross-departmental group of staffers at Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh got together to explore ways the museum could become more flexible, nimble and interactive with respect to way we engage audiences, both on-site and online. The result of those meetings and brainstorming sessions recently manifested itself in our Forum Gallery as an experimental photography project called Oh Snap! Your Take on Our Photographs."


Vietnam moves ahead with the plan to build first science museum

Vietnam.net, 13 March 2013


VIETNAM - "The Dong Nai Science Museum would be a cultural and scientific institution with the function of providing and popularizing knowledge, educating and serving the scientific research through the activities of collecting, preserving and organizing exhibitions. According to Pham Van Sang, Director of the Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology, unlike normal museums, science museums show the science and technology development level of a country."


Namibia’s first Medical Museum to open at Onandjokwe

The Namibian, 13 March 2013


NAMIBIA - "The first hospital in northern Namibia was established at Onandjokwe in 1911 by Dr Selma Rainio. Dr Rainio was one of the first 12 women in Finland to successfully qualify as a doctor. She travelled to work in Namibia in 1908 and worked here until her death in 1939.  The Museums Association of Namibia has been working with the Onandjokwe Medical Museum Advisory Committee on the renovation of the old hospital building which will now serve as Namibia’s first medical museum. The Medical Museum will be officially opened by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Richard Kamwi at 09h00 on Friday, March 22. "


Internet érigé en patrimoine culturel

Culture et Communication, 13 Mars 2013


MONDE – "Suite au succès rencontré par le précédent article sur The Big Internet Museum (le TBIM comme l’appellent ses fondateurs), j’ai interviewé Joeri Bakker, l’un des trois fondateurs de ce musée virtuel et également responsable commercial chez TBWA/NEBOKO."


Vous nous avez raconté votre folie des musées

Télérama, 11 Mars 2013


FRANCE – "Braver le froid, la foule et les heures d'attente pour une voir une exposition, vous êtes toujours plus nombreux à le faire. Pourquoi, comment ? Florilège de vos témoignages. "


2013 Strategic Priorities – Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York


The Museum Association of New York, 11 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "New York is the only state in the country that incorporates its museums and heritage organizations through its State Education Department (SED). The state’s museum community takes its educational responsibility seriously, providing standards-based programs to 35 percent of all students in grades kindergarten though twelve. Ninety percent of these same museums develop classroom materials for teachers and students and 59 percent provide teacher-training workshops, all based on SED curricula."


Spanish museums respond to government spending cuts

Attractions Management, 11 Mar 2013


SPAIN - "Spain’s museums are raising entry prices, sending works abroad, seeking private donations and opening longer to offset cuts of their state funding by up to one third. According to AFP, The Prado will receive 30 per cent less funding this year, the Reina Sofia 25 per cent less and the Thyssen-Bornemisza 33 per cent less, as the government slashes its culture spend to 722m euro (US$940m, £631m), in an effort to rein in Spain’s public deficit."


US civil and human rights museum secures funding

Attractions Management, 8 Mar 2013


ATLANTA, GA - "Financing to fund the first phase of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia, US, has been secured, with construction to start this month. The US$125m (96m euro, £84m) project, which will detail the African-American civil rights movement and ongoing human rights issues, had been slow to secure funds due to the economic downturn. However, on 7 March PNC Bank and Invest Atlanta announced US$24m (18m euro, £16m) support for the project. The building will cost US$100m (76m euro, £67m) to construct and a US$25m (19m euro, £17m) endowment will support operations when the museum opens in mid-2014."


7000m² de projection aux Carrières de Lumières

Connaissance des Arts, 8 Mars 2013


BAUX-DE-PROVENCE, FRANCE – "Les Carrières de Lumières des Baux-de-Provence augmentent cette année leur surface de projection pour un spectacle son et lumière dédié à seize peintres dont Monet, Renoir et Chagall. "


Journée d'étude sur la photographie au musée

MuséoGraphie-MuséoLogie, 8 Mars 2013


LENS, FRANCE – "Vendredi se déroulait au Louvre-Lens une journée d'étude co-organisée par le master Expo-Muséographie de l'université d'Artois, le Louvre Lens, le musée du Louvre et la direction des patrimoines du ministère de la culture et de la communication. "


George Lucas wants to build an art museum in San Francisco

Los Angeles Times, 6 Mars 2013


LOS ANGELES, USA – "Will there be portraits of Jar-Jar Binks emerging from a half shell? George Lucas, the producer of the "Star Wars" movies, is planning to build an art museum in San Francisco. The filmmaker told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday he hopes to create an institution that would be dedicated to exploring "cultural fantasy." "It's my big project right now," Lucas told CBS. "There's a world of young people who need to be inspired." "


In the Bronx, Where Art Is Still Free

The New York Times, 6 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "How did the Bronx Museum of the Arts, an institution on the Grand Concourse that is far removed from the tourist precincts of Manhattan’s Museum Mile, boost its attendance by 50 percent last year? Not by staging a blockbuster exhibition or opening a grand new wing; it simply stopped charging admission. Now the free admission program, which started last March, will be extended and expanded through 2015 as a result of a $500,000 gift from the philanthropists and art collectors Shelley and Donald Rubin."


Blaze leaves Naples science museum in ashes

blogs.nature.com, 5 March 2013


ITALY - "A fire broke out on Monday night at Città della Scienza, an  interactive science museum and conference centre in Naples, Italy, destroying most of the complex. No injuries were reported, but the damage was said to be devastating. The fire broke out at around 9:30 p.m. local time and raged on most of the night before firefighters finally managed to stop it. Four of the five halls that make up the 12,000-square-metre museum, built on a former industrial site, were destroyed by the fire. Only one hall used as a theatre and conference centre withstood the flames." [see also Ricostruiamo la Città della Scienza, DeRev.com, 5 marzo 2013]


Une salière de Benvenuto Cellini en vedette pour la réouverture d'un musée

Libération Maroc, 5 Mars 2013


VIENNE, AUTRICHE – "Un des chefs-d’œuvre des arts appliqués, une salière - "saliera" - réalisée au XVIe siècle par l'artiste italien Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) a été vendredi à Vienne l'attraction de la réouverture du trésor du Musée des Beaux-Arts après dix ans de fermeture pour rénovation." 


New details revealed for SFMOMA expansion

World Architecture News, 4 March 2013


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - "New details were unveiled this week of the $555m expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Designed by Snøhetta with Craig Dykers at the helm, the museum has recast itself as a more neighborly institution and one with its sights on being a player in the international arts scene. SFMOMA has always had a respectable if not impressive collection of art but like many older art museums, it has long suffered from a lack of space and a reliance on a building that reflects a somewhat dated vision of what an art museum needs to be. Speaking about the expansion when first brought on board, Dykers said: “The museum shouldn’t be purely seen as an educational experience but a social experience as well.”"


HMCS Sackville memorial project buoyed by $250,000 from Ottawa

Herald News, 2 March 2013


OTTAWA, ON — "The federal government is giving $250,000 toward the commemoration and preservation of HMCS Sackville. Defence Minister Peter MacKay will be in Halifax Sunday to announce the donation to the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. The Sackville is the last of Canada’s 123 Second World War-era corvettes. It spends its summers docked along the Halifax waterfront. The trust has plans to raise tens of millions of dollars from governments and private donors to establish a new memorial on the waterfront that has the 71-year-old ship as its centrepiece."


Korea opens its first national contemporary history museum

Travel Daily News, Asia, 28 February 2013


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - "The museum showcases Korean history, focused on the period from the end of 19th century when the nation opened its ports to the outside world for the first time to today, in both a comprehensive and systematized way. The tape-cutting ceremony of the National Museum of Contemporary History on December 26 was attended by President Lee Myung-bak. The newly-opened museum displays around 1,500 relics that are indicative of Korean history in the arenas of politics, economy, society, and culture from the early 19th century to today)."


Rio inaugure un nouveau musée le jour de ses 448 ans

Ma PRESSE, 28 Février 2013


RIO, BRESIL – "La ville de Rio inaugure vendredi, jour de son 448e anniversaire, le Musée d'Art de Rio (MAR), destiné à être le cœur culturel de la zone portuaire en cours de rénovation, un investissement de près de 40 millions de dollars en grande partie financé par la mairie. "


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Chipperfield, Ingels, Koolhaas and Tranberg on shortlist of 12 for home of Nobel Prize

World Architecture News, 22 March 2013


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - "Twelve architecture practices have been revealed by the Nobel Foundation as being shortlisted in an invited competition to design the new home of the Nobel Prize in Blasieholmen, Stockholm. The firms have been selected for their artistic abilities and previous experience working in areas with challenging urban environments and sensitive historical contexts. Once complete, the new building will become the home of the Nobel Foundation and its associated activities, with dedicated spaces for research, educational efforts, museum operations and digital media. It is also hoped that the centre will become a thriving public centre, drawing visitors with a library, restaurant and shop, and commercial clients with exhibition space, rooms for scientific conferences, meetings and associated events."


Atelier Zündel Cristea suggest Museum of Architecture with associated rollercoaster for London's Battersea Power Station

World Architecture News, 22 March 2013


LONDON, UK - "Battersea Power Station, which was built between 1930 and 1955, is situated a few miles south of Marble Arch on the south bank of the River Thames in London, facing the borough of Chelsea. The decommissioned power station is one of the best known landmarks in London and an excellent example of Victorian architecture. It is also the largest brick building in Europe, notable for its original Art Deco interiors and decor. The Battersea Power Station was purchased by a Malaysian Consortium for £400m in July 2012.ients with exhibition space, rooms for scientific conferences, meetings and associated events."


Exclusive interview with Aecom's David Glover

World Architecture News, 19 March 2013


LONDON, UK - "On the day of my interview with David Glover, Aecom’s Global Chief Executive, Building Engineering, the London skies were grey and threatening. Ironically set in the same week that the British architectural press were celebrating the collapse of talks between Aecom and NBS, Aecom themselves were celebrating a coup d'état, having just won the prestigious Serpentine Pavilion contract from under the noses of Arup who had been engineers behind all the previous 12 pavilions."


71-year-old Japanese architect Toyo Ito awarded the industry's highest honour

World Architecture News, 18 March 2013


JAPAN - "Architecture is bound by various social constraints. I have been designing architecture bearing in mind that it would be possible to realise more comfortable spaces if we are freed from all of the restrictions even for a little bit. However, when one building is completed, I become painfully aware of my own inadequacy, and it turns into energy to challenge the next project. Probably this process must keep repeating itself in the future. Therefore, I will never fix my architectural style and never be satisfied with my works."


Hariri Pontarini Architects takes 2013 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's top award

World Architecture News, 12 March 2013


CANADA - "Hariri Pontarini Architects (HPA) has been awarded the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) 2013 Architecture Firm Award. The award recognises a Canadian practice that 'has consistently produced distinguished architecture' and 'has achieved high standards in the quality of its architecture, its service to its clients, its innovations in practice, contributions to architectural education and to the professional institutions and associations, and public recognition'. "


Alain Juppé cherche l’inspiration à Londres pour la reconversion du stade Chaban-Delmas

Le Journal des Arts, 11 Mars 2013


BORDEAUX, FRANCE – "Dans l’attente de la livraison de son nouveau stade municipal mi-2015, la mairie de Bordeaux pense à la reconversion du stade Chaban-Delmas, monument doté du label « Patrimoine du XXe siècle ». En visite à Londres en début de semaine, Alain Juppé s’est intéressé à la métamorphose de Highbury, l’ancien stade d’Arsenal. "


Zaha Hadid Architects' culture and arts centre project under construction in China

World Architecture News, 11 March 2013


CHANGSA, CHINA - "A new 115,000 sq m Zaha Hadid Architects project is currently under construction in the Chinese city of Changsa. The Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture & Arts Centre project was selected as the winning proposal with four other architectural firms submitting proposals for the scheme. Containing a 'unique variety of civic nodes and spaces', the International Culture and Arts Centre will house the Grand Theatre, a contemporary art museum, a multipurpose hall and other supporting facilities. "


Why Wood Works! for Perkins+Will

Canadian Interiors, 8 March 2013


VANCOUVER, BC - "Perkins+Will, together with the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Boards of Parks and Recreation, celebrates the win of three Wood WORKS! BC awards at the 9th annual Wood Design Awards Gala held on Mar. 4 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The Awards Gala honours new buildings that push the boundaries of excellence and innovation in wood construction design. Recognizing the VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre, along with the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) and Earth Sciences Building (ESB) projects, the awards are a testament to Perkins+Will’s position as a bold leader in wood design today."


Diamond Schmitt's latest cultural pearl

Canadian Interiors, 8 March 2013


CAMBRIDGE, ON - "One of the largest performing arts companies in Canada is set to open a "cultural hub" and 500-seat theatre in Cambridge, Ontario. Drayton Entertainment inaugurates its seventh and largest venue, Dunfield Theatre tonight. The facility consolidates the company’s operations under one roof and revitalizes the riverfront district of this historic city. A design team led by Gary McCluskie, principal with Diamond Schmitt Architects, created a limestone, metal and glass structure that reflects the former industrial heritage of the neighnourhood. "


Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios design expansion of cultural centre on The Thames

World Architecture News, 8 March 2013


LONDON, UK - "Southbank Centre in London has unveiled its proposals to transform the Festival Wing - the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery complex - to create, together with the successful Royal Festival Hall refurbishment, a world-class cultural centre for the 21st century, providing more art for more people in better spaces. The proposals, by architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, include the refurbishment and renewal of the existing 1960s buildings and the creation of major new arts spaces including a new glass pavilion, a new central foyer and a new liner building. The proposals will enable Southbank Centre to realise its vision to deliver a larger and more ambitious arts, educational and cultural programme across the site for all its visitors to enjoy. "


ArcAme et Rabot Dutilleul pour l’Ecole d’art de Calais

Le Moniteur, 7 Mars 2013


CALAIS, FRANCE – "Le permis de construire pour le projet complexe de restructuration d’un îlot au cœur de Calais vient d’être délivré. Le groupement de conception construction ArcAme-Rabot Dutilleul va y construire une Ecole d’art et 2000 m² de logements. "


'The best museum ever' to be designed for LEGO in Billund, Denmark by the two firms

World Architecture News, 6 March 2013


DENMARK - "Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA) are to design ‘the best museum ever’ according to Founder of BIG, Bjarke Ingels. The project in question is to be The LEGO House, a public museum and experience centre in the company’s historic home in Billund, Denmark. The two firms were selected through a competition run by LEGO after they showed an exemplary comprehension of the given brief, as Hans Peter Folmann, Senior Director at LEGO Huset, explains: “In our competitions for the project these two companies had the best understanding of the idea behind the LEGO brick, LEGO play and LEGO values."


Culture et architecture : le pari de trois villes de l’Est

Le Moniteur, 5 Mars 2013


EST DE LA FRANCE – "Le Moniteur invite ses lecteurs et internautes à visiter la Cité des arts de l’architecte japonais Kengo Kuma, deux semaines avant son inauguration : une occasion de réfléchir aux impacts économiques et urbains des investissements culturels, explorés à travers trois exemples du grand Est, dans un hors-série à paraître le 15 mars."


Marseille inaugure son Vieux-Port partiellement piéton

Le Monde, 2 Mars 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "Les Marseillais se sont appropriés samedi 2 mars le nouvel espace offert par la piétonnisation partielle du Vieux-Port et son "ombrière" créant des jeux de reflets entre terre et eau, à l'occasion d'une fête d'inauguration. "


Le Mucem prêt à ouvrir ses portes

Le Moniteur, 1 Mars 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "Les travaux de second oeuvre sont en cours actuellement au Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) à Marseille. Retour en image sur un bâtiment qui compte de nombreuses prouesses techniques, liées notamment à la mise en oeuvre du béton fibré à ultra haute performance. "


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£4m fund announced for digitisation in arts and culture

Leisure Opportunities, 25 Mar 2013


UK - "A new £4m initiative funded by the Arts and Heritage Research Council, aims to develop ways for digital technologies to help communities explore their culture and heritage. The funding is open to independent research organisations, including museums, and will bring together arts and humanities researchers, community engagement experts and digital technology specialists."


Bringing Art and Discussion to a Computer Near You: Introducing Google Art Talks on Google+

Technology in The Arts, 20 March 2013


USA - "I am mildly obsessed with Google Cultural Institute. Why, you ask? It’s two-fold. Firstly, Google has implemented its newest project to supplement the Google Art Project, Google Art Talks on Google+. As published on Google’s Official Blog, “Each month, curators, museum directors, historians and educators from some of the world’s most renowned cultural institutions will reveal the hidden stories behind particular works, examine the curation process and provide insights into particular masterpieces or artists.” It is a series of Hangouts with people cooler and more interesting than your siblings. The talks are interactive, allowing viewers to participate in the discussion by posting questions and sharing comments with the discussants."


The Science of Moving Science Across Town

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - "ON a Wednesday morning in early December, the vast, shadowy realm of the Exploratorium, an interactive science museum in San Francisco, was ringing with the happy cacophony of hundreds of 10-year-olds getting their minds blown. It was free admission day, and children raced from exhibit to exhibit, experimenting with simulated tornadoes and hamming it up in the Distorted Room, a tricky chamber whose deceptive shape — it looks like a rectangle, but is actually a trapezoid — makes those standing inside appear to be radically different sizes."


Is Computer-assisted Technology Killing Arts Designs?

Technology in The Arts, 19 March 2013


USA - "There is one unchanging feature about technology.  In a continuous process, the technology becomes ever smaller, faster, and cheaper. One of the examples lies in the jewelry industry.  The jewelry designers are rethinking their manufacturing practices, using state of the art computer software programs for designs that they would have done by hand previously. The reason why traditional methods are left behind is these computer-assisted designs can be produced faster and cause a proliferation in the market. Though the technology of Computer-assisted design (CAD) sounds familiar to most people, it is very unique for designers to apply the CAD technology to the production of art pieces and enhance their market values."


Émissions / Visionnaires - Alain Massé

Radio Canada, Mars 2013


MONTREAL, QC - "Muséologue et éducateur, Alain Massé a su marier la technologie au milieu conservateur et traditionnel des musées. Avant le boom technologique de la fin des années 1990, il a flairé tout le potentiel du Web pour mettre en valeur notre patrimoine culturel. En fondant Idéeclic, il donne le coup d'envoi à la cybermuséologie. Son expertise est maintenant sollicitée par les plus grands musées de la planète."


When Artists Are Building Robots

Technology in The Arts, 18 March 2013


USA - "Some artists paint with pigment and texture, others sculpt with clay and stone, some perform with voice and instrument; some just happen to use microcontrollers and digital multi-meters. Robotics has been the major new art form for the 21st century. Eventually robots will become commonplace but for now they are rare and provoke strong emotional responses. It is a fertile ground for artists; lots of social experiments, room for technical improvement and opportunities to demonstrate creativity. It is street-theatre; the main pre-requisite passion; the outcome as diverse as any ecosystem. Not only are robotic art, but any art form with the potential to recognize itself at which point it will achieve a form of humanity; to recognize itself and ponder its own obsolescence. "


The End of Google Reader Sends Internet Into an Uproar

The New York Times, 14 March, 2013


USA - " Last night, I went to meet a group of friends for dinner in San Francisco after work. As I sat down at the table, two of my dining companions asked in unison, with eye-opening looks on their faces, “Did you hear the news?”

“Yes,” I replied as I shuffled my chair in and unfurled my napkin. “They picked a new pope, from Latin America.”

“No, not that,” they responded. “Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1.” The dinner then turned into a torrent of information about the chaos that had ensued online as a result."


Google organise des discussions sur l’art entre internautes

Le Journal des Arts, 13 Mars 2013


MONDE – "Le « Google Art Project » a lancé des discussions en ligne intitulées « Art Talks ». Après une première édition consacrée à une problématique générale portant sur l’enseignement sur Internet, le deuxième rendez-vous portera sur le nu féminin en art. "


Gamification projects, What games fit what demographics? Gamification part 2

Technology in The Arts, 9 March 2013


USA - " “Video games sit at the confluence of history, technology, and art in such a way that’s found in no other medium  a place where influences from every creative field meet, mix, and recombine.”  -Daniel D. Snyder, The Atlantic. When most people conjure the image of a gamer they generally think of the past: a nerdy 18-25 year old male, probably white.  The face of gaming has changed significantly over the last twelve years and now both men and women, young and old, and people of all races are engaged in games on a regular basis.  Simply put, almost every conceivable group of people is now engaged in gaming, just not all groups are engaged in all types of gaming."


Now Boarding on Platform One: Madrid’s Library Lending Machine

Technology in The Arts, 6 March 2013


MADRID, SPAIN - "Libro express (translation: Book express) is a new initiative and collaborative project between Madrid’s libraries (las bibliotecas), the Community of Madrid (la Comunidad de Madrid), and Renfe (Spain’s state-owned train company). Libro express is the only library book lending machine of its kind in Spain and in Europe. Even though literature on this specific project is written entirely in Spanish, it is a brilliant concept that transcends language barriers."


Database Decisions for the Nano-Nonprofit: Part 1

Technology in The Arts, 1 March 2013


USA - "Arts organizations of all sizes grapple with the question of how best to house information on the array of individuals with whom they interact. From ticket buyers to donors, members to volunteers, every arts organization builds a variety of relationships with a variety of constituents. Complicating matters, of course, is that many times these groups overlap. For the organization that wants to understand all the dimensions of its patron relationships, obtaining complete and nuanced profiles is often a challenge, time-consuming at best and impossible at worst. "


Quel OS pour son application (de musée) ?

Culture et Communication, 28 Février 2013


FRANCE – "Non, je ne parle pas d’os ni de musée d’histoire naturelle, mais d’ « operating system », de système d’exploitation de téléphone intelligent ou de smartphone."


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ACE announces Strategic Support Fund recipients

87 organisations across England to receive funding

Museums Association, 26 Mar 2013


UK - "Arts Council England (ACE) has announced the 87 organisations that will receive £17.8m through the second round of the Renaissance Strategic Support Fund. The awards are for projects commencing in April 2013, and for activity up to 31 March 2014. The arts council has also supported a number of awards for activity across 2013/14 and 2014/15."


Play Me, I’m Yours

Street Pianos, March 2013


WORLD - "Touring internationally since 2008, “Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Reaching over two million people worldwide – more than 700 pianos have already been installed in 34 cities across the globe, from New York to London, bearing the simple instruction ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’. Located in public parks, bus shelters and train stations, outside galleries and markets and even on bridges and ferries the pianos are available for any member of the public to play and enjoy. Who plays them and how long they remain on the streets is up to each community. Many pianos are personalised and decorated by artists or the local community. By creating a place of exchange ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urbanenvironment."


Tilda Swinton Slept in a Glass Box at the Museum of Modern Art

Time Magazine, 25 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "What did you do this weekend? If catching up on sleep was on your agenda, Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton shared the same weekend of relaxation. Only she did it in full view of a museum full of gawkers. The British actress made a surprise appearance on Saturday at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, sleeping in a glass box as part of an installation called The Maybe. And she was spotted snoozing there today as well, Gothamist reports. "


Outside the Citadel, Social Practice Art Is Intended to Nurture

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


USA - "In Detroit a contemporary-art museum is completing a monument to an influential artist that will not feature his work but will instead provide food, haircuts, education programs and other social services to the general public. In New York an art organization that commissions public installations has been dispatching a journalist to politically precarious places around the world where she enlists artists and activists — often one and the same — to write for a Web site that can read more like a policy journal than an art portal. And in St. Louis an art institution known primarily for its monumental Richard Serra sculpture is turning itself into a hub of social activism, recently organizing a town-hall meeting where 350 people crowded in to talk about de facto segregation, one of the city’s most intractable problems."


Seeing the Art in Plastic Straws and Other Castoffs

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "THE contest challenge was to create outrageous art from unconventional materials. The students in Eileen Farrelly-Moyotl’s 11th-grade fashion design class at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan were up to it: one of them made a dress from plastic bags filled with floating fish."


Art and History Among the Dead

The New York Times, 20 March 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "One of New York City’s most unusual museums is not on Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue, but on 400 acres of beautifully landscaped land at Webster Avenue and East 233rd Street in the Bronx. That would be Woodlawn Cemetery and Crematory, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year by casting itself as, in effect, an outdoor museum."


Museums Go Shopping at Maastricht

The New York Times, 18 March 2013


MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS — "Every March museum directors and curators from around the world flock to the European Fine Art Fair, held in a soulless convention center here. They come to look at the art, gauge the market and network with colleagues, collectors and trustees. But this year, barely 24 hours after the preview on Thursday, there were reports that more museums than usual were among the serious shoppers. "


Creative Conversations: art of the partnership

Times Dispatch, 17 March 2013


USA - " “Innovation” and “creativity” are the latest buzz words that our nation’s business leaders, politicians and — well, just about everyone — consistently employs as the keystone principles that will propel America’s economic livelihood and success now and in the future. And according to our Ready to Innovate research, U.S. employers rate creativity and innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance. In addition, The Conference Board CEO Challenge shows that stimulating innovation is among the top 10 challenges facing U.S. CEOs. Yet many businesses are at a loss about how to ensure that these principles are firmly rooted in the core of their everyday operations. Enter: the Arts."


Canadian artists hoping for art resale royalty regime in budget

CBC News, 14 March 2013


CANADA - "Canadian painters, sculptors and other visual artists are hoping Finance Minister Jim Flaherty looks favourably on pre-budget proposals which would allow them to collect a cut whenever their pieces are re-sold on the market. Singers and songwriters get royalties for their work every time their work is broadcast or used, and film and TV producers can get licensing fees, but the same system has not extended to the realm of visual arts. The Conservative government wouldn't touch a tax or levy for the Canadian arts scene, but what about a royalty?"


SM le Roi reçoit le Président de l’Institut du Monde Arabe

L’Opinion, Maroc, 14 Mars 2013


FES, MAROC – "Jack Lang rend hommage aux actions du Souverain au service du rayonnement culturel et intellectuel du Royaume"


Jacques Toubon reconduit au Palais de la Porte Dorée

Le Journal des Arts, 13 Mars 2013


PARIS – "Jacques Toubon vient d’être reconduit à la présidence du Conseil d’orientation de l’Établissement public du Palais de la Porte Dorée, qui regroupe la Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration et l’Aquarium. "


Arts investment brings in £4 for every £1 spent

Museums Journal, 12 March 2013


UK - "Arts investment contributes up to £4 to the local economy for every £1 spent, according to a new report published by the Local Government Association (LGA). The report, entitled Driving growth through local government investment in the arts, showed that the arts sector provides nearly one million jobs and the UK's 67,000 cultural businesses contribute £28 billion to the UK economy every year. The report found that councils currently invest around £800 million every year in the arts and museums infrastructure."


British Museum most visited UK attraction in 2012

Museums Journal, 12 March 2013


LONDON, UK - "The British Museum (BM) topped the Association of Leading Visitor Attraction’s (ALVA) annual roundup of visitor figures across UK venues for the sixth year in a row with a total of 5.6 million visitors in 2012. The BM's success was, in part, down to the huge popularity of its exhibition Grayson Perry: The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.  Despite seeing a 4.7% decline in visitor figures from 2011, the BM was the first of seven London national museums in the top ten most visited attractions last year, which also included the Tower of London, National Museum of Scotland (NMS) and St Paul’s Cathedral."


Marseille-Provence 2013 : une communication ratée ?

Télérama, 12 Mars 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "Alors que Marseille attend dix millions de visiteurs en 2013, les professionnels du tourisme sont inquiets : MP2013 ne fait pas le buzz, la communication est déficiente. Dans la capitale culturelle, la com' est un sujet aussi sensible que complexe. Enquête. "


Le cinéma promoteur de la diversité culturelle

Le Matin, Maroc, 12 Mars 2013


RABAT, MAROC – "Après le succès de la première édition de ce Festival, le Centre de mémoire commune réédite l’événement. La thématique de cette année porte sur «Migrations, droits de l’Homme et diversité culturelle en Méditerranée». "


L'Élysée surpris par l'annonce de la reconduction de Guy Cogeval

Le Journal des Arts, 11 Mars 2013


PARIS, FRANCE – "L'annonce vendredi de la probable reconduction du mandat du président du Musée d'Orsay, arrivé à échéance le 9 mars, a surpris l'Élysée qui n'a pas été saisi de la proposition. Un couac qui trahit un dysfonctionnement bien français."


Guggenheim leaps into commissioning Chinese art – with the help of this B.C. philanthropist

The Globe and Mail, 10 March 2013


VANCOUVER, BC — "Contemporary Chinese art is having a moment: The inaugural Art Basel – Hong Kong is scheduled for May, the new Power Station of Art opened in Shanghai last year, and Ai Weiwei has become a global household name. But beyond the headlines, there is a flurry of activity happening on the ground – a generation of emerging contemporary artists whose work is making waves in China, but has not yet broken through to the West."


Philanthropist donates $5 million to Carr school

The Vancouver Sun, 8 March 2013


VANCOUVER, BC - "Emily Carr University's plan to expand its visual arts school is looking good, following a multimillion-dollar donation from businessman and philanthropist Michael Audain. The chairman of Polygon Homes announced a $5-million gift Thursday toward the planned expansion of the art school's campus on Great Northern Way in Vancouver. It's the largest individual private donation in the university's history, spokesman Barry Patterson said."


Turning STEM into STEAM

Partnership Movement, 7 March 2013


USA - "For years, educators have been focusing on STEM education—science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, there is a new national movement aiming to add an A—as in arts—into the STEM plan, thus turning STEM education into STEAM education.The hope is to develop programs of study that revolve around interdisciplinary courses—to give students a well-rounded base of knowledge that prepares them for the businessworld."


Réhabilitation des monuments historiques de la Médina de Fès

Libération Maroc, 7 Mars 2013


FES, MAROC – "Des efforts d'envergure sont consentis par l'ensemble des acteurs concernés pour la réhabilitation et la restauration des monuments historiques et le traitement du bâti menaçant ruine dans la ville de Fès, surtout au niveau de l'ancienne médina de la capitale spirituelle du Royaume, classée en 1981 patrimoine mondial de l'humanité par l'UNESCO. "


La Journée de la Femme trouve naturellement un écho au ministère de la Culture

Le Journal des Arts, 5 Mars 2013


FRANCE – "Le 1er mars 2013 se réunissait pour la première fois, à l’invitation d’Aurélie Filippetti, le comité ministériel pour l’égalité des femmes et des hommes dans le domaine de la culture et des médias. Sur la base de débats et de différents constats, des mesures de sensibilisation ont été lancées. "


Sequester Cuts Cultural Agencies

ArtsBlog, 4 March 2013


USA - "As you have no doubt been following in the headlines, specific parts of the federal budget, including that of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), have been impacted by a budgetary control called “sequestration” beginning last Friday. This sequester, totaling $85 billion, will reduce funding to almost all areas of domestic social programs by about 5 percent, which would mean about $7.3 million at the NEA. This cut has been expected ever since the congressional “supercommittee” of 2011 failed to find agreement on how to achieve $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, either through spending cuts, raising revenue, or by a combination of both."


Conférence « Culture et financement participatif »

Culture.fr Mars 2013


PARIS, FRANCE – "Dans le cadre des « Jeudis du mécénat », la mission du mécénat du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication organise le jeudi 21 mars 2013 la conférence « Culture et financement participatif » à l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art, auditorium de la Galerie Colbert, de 9h à 10h30. "


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Cultural Tourism, Creative Cities and Urban Planning



Atkins' 11 sq km masterplan for Nanjing Waterfront designed for 'a lasting legacy'

World Architecture News, 19 March 2013


NANJING, CHINA - "Atkins has produced a landscape masterplan for the development of 30km of prime waterfront in Nanjing, one of China’s four great ancient capitals and the second largest commercial centre in the East China region, in preparation for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. The masterplan will provide connectivity and access along its length addressing industrial sites and urban dereliction as well as linking with recent new developments and existing open space. Atkins has also been chosen to oversee the detailed landscape design and construction over the next two years."


Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects one of two winners of Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan Competition

World Architecture News, 19 March 2013


GUANGZHOU, CHINA - "Guangzhou City Government recently announced Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects and City Planners (and their local partners GZPI) as the winners of the Guangzhou Fangcun Huadi Sustainable Master Plan competition. Another entry by West 8 was a joint winner. The competition brief had the vision of wide landscape, wetland parks and residential development for over 50,000 inhabitants. The former delta with its tradition of horticultural usage will be transformed into an ecological urban landscape."


Foster + Partner's commemorative Vieux Port pavilion opens in Marseille

World Architecture News, 11 March 2013


MARSEILLES, FRANCE - "Foster + Partner’s reimagining of the World Heritage-listed harbour at Marseilles, France has been officially unveiled. Opened by the President of Marseille Provence Métropole, Eugène Caselli, and the Mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin on 2 March, the new Vieux Port events pavilion has been built to celebrate the French city’s year as the European Capital of Culture."


Massive Public Artwork by Leo Villareal Lights up San Francisco Bay

Architectural Record, 6 March 2013


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - "Crowds of San Franciscans braved pelting rain and umbrella-splitting wind to watch artist Leo Villareal inaugurate his largest light sculpture yet last night. A public artwork on the scale of Christo and Jeanne Claude's Gates or their wrapped Pont-Neuf, Villareal's The Bay Lights is a 1.8-mile-long LED light sculpture spanning the western portion of the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland. Using 25,000 points of white light controlled by software the artist wrote, The Bay Lights will run its algorithmic lighting program every night from dusk till 2 a.m. for the next two years."


Climate Adaptation and Fun on the East River

A proposal for New York City's East River waterfront calls for wetlands, pedestrian bridges, mini parks, and even a sandy beach.

Architectural Record, 28 February 2013


NEW YORK, NY - "A river runs through it—but unless there’s a hurricane warning, you would hardly know it. To get to the edge of the East River on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, you’ll have to negotiate a maze of highways, low-visibility bike lanes, hospital and tower blocks, and other obstacles—all so you can peer down at the water four feet below as it laps against a concrete bulkhead. Not that you’d want to dive in: between the combined sewer overflows, the runoff from the FDR Parkway, and 200 years’ accumulated industrial waste, the water is far from welcoming."


Construire la médiathèque... avec les habitants

Le Monde, 20 Février 2013


LEZOUX, FRANCE – "Pour sa 12e résidence, l'équipe de la 27e Région, ce laboratoire d'innovation public, a posé ses bagages à Lezoux en Auvergne. Pendant 3 semaines, les intervenants invités par la 27e Région ont travaillé avec les habitants pour imaginer ce que pourrait être la future médiathèque qui doit y voir le jour dans plusieurs mois."


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