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CM Inaugurates Work on Archaeological Museum in Patna

Patna Daily, 9 July 2013


PATNA, INDIA – “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in Patna on Tuesday, inaugurated the work on the proposed archaeological museum at the Jawaharlal Nehru Road off Bailey Road that is expected to built at an estimated cost of Rs. 530 crore. The museum, expected to open on March 22, 2015, is to be built in an area of 13.5 acres that was made available by removing old government bungalows in the possession of the Building Construction Department.”

[see also: First Brick for Heritage Home,Telegraph India, 10 July 2013; Nitish Kumar Opens Work on Rs 530-crore Museum, Times of India, 10 July 2013]


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Museum Construction is Progressing with Large Artifacts Installation

911 Memorial, 1 July 2013


NEW YORK, NY, USA – “A total of 17 compelling artifacts have been put into place inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum, slated to open in the spring of 2014.”


A New Art Museum Whose Ceiling Creates Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Wired, 2 July 2013


DAVIS, CA, USA – "Most art museums direct visitors to admire the objects on display, but the new Shrem Art Museum being constructed at the University of California, Davis, encourages visitors to step outside. The museum’s collection is impressive, but with the Bay Area’s many cultural amenities nearby, a campus art museum needs to be designed in a different way to capture the attention of UC Davis’ 33,000 students and the surrounding community. When the $30 million dollar assignment was awarded to Brooklyn-based design firm SO-IL, principal Florian Idenburg had to think hard about how to engage the community with the new building."


Tate Modern Receives £10m Donation Towards New Building Now Under Construction

BBC, 3 July 2013


LONDON, UK – “The Tate Modern has received a £10m donation from Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer towards the re-development of the gallery. Construction is already underway on the new building that will be added at the south of the existing gallery.The development, which will be completed in 2016, will increase the gallery's size by 60%, adding 21,000 sq m of new space.”


La résille du MuCEM, un support de création pour des jeux de lumière

Le Moniteur, 10 juillet 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE – "En mettant en lumière le MuCEM, le plasticien Yann Kersalé a donné une identité nocturne propre au bâtiment en l’inscrivant comme un phare surréaliste sur le front de mer phocéen."


Evidemment le MUCEM

MuséoGraphie-MuséoLogie, 11 juillet 2013


MARSEILLE, FRANCE –  "Il est là, on l'attendait tant, que l'on ne peut que se réjouir. On a vu et revu l'architecture de Ricciotti, sous tous les plans dans les médias, et c'est évidemment inévitable car le bâtiment, son emplacement, sa force est manifeste. Il n'est pas trop faux de prétendre que le MUCEM sauve l'opération Marseille 2013.  C'est le fait marquant qui s'impose."


Heydar Aliyev Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects

Dezeen, 11 juillet 2013


BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – "Here are the first photographs of Zaha Hadid's almost-completed Heydar Aliyev Centre, an undulating cultural centre in Baku, Azerbaijan."


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Gettysburg Residents Seek Black History Museum

The Grio, 26 June 2013


GETTYSBURG, PA, USA – “Gettysburg's small African-American community proudly tells stories of ancestors who fought in the Civil War, of a young woman who shook President Abraham Lincoln's hand and of the men who buried thousands of bodies after the battle. But they also speak of a struggle to preserve that history and of discrimination that continued long after the war ended — even where Lincoln himself reminded Americans of our defining ideal: that all men are created equal.”


Smithsonian Acquires T.Rex for New Dinosaur Hall

Richmond Times Dispatch, 27 June 2013


WASHINGTON, DC, USA – “The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is acquiring its first full Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton for eventual display in a new dinosaur hall planned for the museum on the National Mall. The museum announced Thursday that it reached a 50-year loan agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to display one of the most complete T. rex specimens ever discovered. It's known as the “Wankel T. rex.” “


New Stonehenge tourist attraction planned in Wiltshire

BBC, 28 June 2013


ENGLAND - "Plans have been unveiled for another Stonehenge stone circle to be built in Wiltshire using different-coloured stones from around the world. Organisers of the £50m project want it to become another major tourist destination in the county, and one which will last for thousands of years. New Stonehenge would include yurt huts for visitors to stay in, a planetarium and an observatory."


New US$1bn museum proposed in Baghdad

Attractions Management, 28 Jun 2013


BAGHDAD, IRAQ - "A new US$1bn (£656m, €766m) museum is being planned on the site of the former Al-Muthanna airport in Baghdad, Iraq. The museum project, proposed by the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, has been given the working title of The Grand Museum of Iraq."


African Art Museum Opens within Tate Modern

The Independent, 1 July 2013


LONDON, UK – “A museum within a museum has opened in Tate Modern as part of the gallery's expansion into African art.”


The Cleveland Museum of Art re-opens another expansive and impressive wing

Cleve Scene, 3 July 2013


CLEVELAND, OH, USA – “The Cleveland Museum of Art has re-opened three galleries in its North Wing, marking the second-to-last "mile-stone" in the institution's eight-year expansion and renovation project. The sprawling $350-million project will finish this December with the unveiling of the West Wing. In the meantime, the northern galleries offer visitors centuries of artful objects from civilizations too often overlooked by curators.”


Birthplace of Country Music Museum Set to Open Next Year

Richmond Times Dispatch, 6 July 2013


BRISTOL, TN, USA – “The painstakingly precise process of installing windows in the future Birthplace of Country Music museum is nearing the halfway point. The $10.5 million renovation of the historic former Goodpasture Motors building in downtown Bristol began this year and is scheduled to be completed in December. Installation of the museum exhibits is expected to begin in January, and the facility is scheduled to open in August 2014.”


Historical Museum of Western Cuba To Be Restored

Prensa Latina, 15 July 2013


PINAR DEL RIO, CUBA – “The biggest history museum of the western province of Pinar del Rio, with a neoclassic architecture, will recover its original appearance after a refurbishment process in all its facilities, where treasures of the pre-Colombus era are kept. Built in the last decades of the 19th Century as a house, the construction became later on in the colonial period the headquarters of the local government and during the Republican years (1902-1959).”


Prague Railway Station to Become Shoah Memorial

Israel National News, 15 July 2013


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – “A Prague railway station that saw tens of thousands of Czech Jews leave for ghettos and Nazi death camps between 1941 and 1945 is to become a memorial for those who died. Czech Jews and Holocaust survivors have for years been calling for a memorial for the Prague-Bubny station, which last year welcomed a theatre troupe that roamed the Czech Republic and Poland on board a train to perform a play about the Holocaust.”


Armenian Genocide Museum construction launched in Uruguay

Pan Armenian, 19 July 2013


URUGUAY – “The construction of Armenian Genocide Museum in Uruguay was launched on Wednesday July 17. The Museum, organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and members of the Armenian community, will open on April 24, 2015, on the Genocide Centennial Anniversary. The Museum will be the first one created by initiative of a State outside the territory of Armenia.”


A ‘pipe’ dream realized for North Vancouver museum

Northshore Outlook, 24 July 2013


NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – "The idea has been 30 years in the making, and now North Vancouver has concrete plans for a $10-million waterfront museum that will celebrate the community’s past and future in animated and engaging fashion. Nancy Kirkpatrick, director of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives, can hardly contain her excitement, as she peers in the window of the “Pipe Shop” at Shipbuilders’ Square."


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One Eye on Art, the Other on Water: Whitney Revamps New Museum After Hurricane Sandy

New York Times, 26 June 201


NEW YORK, NY, USA – “When Adam D. Weinberg was planning a new home in the West Village for the Whitney Museum of American Art, he did not expect to have to worry about waterproofing walls or finding a hydro-engineering firm that makes watertight hatches for the United States Navy. But then Mr. Weinberg, the Whitney’s director, also didn’t expect Hurricane Sandy.”


Museum Sells Thames-side Home to Architect Zaha Hadid - Proceeds to Fund New Location

The Guardian, 9 July 2013


LONDON, UK – “A former banana-ripening warehouse on the Thames that has been home to London's Design Museum for 24 years has been sold to Zaha Hadid's architecture practice, it will be announced on Monday. The sale will provide a boost – estimated to be in the region of £10m – to fundraising for the museum's planned £80m move to the Commonwealth Institute in west London. “


Artificial Island To House Asia's Largest Private Art Museum

Gizmag, 14 July 2013


PINGTAN ISLAND, CHINA – “Art Museums regularly push the boundaries in terms of architecture, but Beijing architecture studio MAD has gone one step further by designing an artificial island to form the Pingtan Art Museum. Dominated by three concrete mounds, the museum will feature exhibit halls and public spaces and be linked to Pingtan Island by an undulating pier.”


Bierman Henket architecten completes addition to Uitbreiding Museum De Fundatie

World Architecture News, 15 July 201


ZWOLLE, THE NETHERLANDS – “On the border of the densely-packed downtown Zwolle and a green expanse of parkland, Bierman Henket architecten have completed an unusual new addition to the Museum de Fundatie. This former courthouse built in 1838 in neo-classical style was in need of expansion but with a constricted site it was agreed that extending upwards was the architects’ only option.”


Celebrating a Poet of 3 Dimensions

New York Times, 17 June 2013


NEW YORK, NY, USA – “ “Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes,” newly installed at the Museum of Modern Art, is really two exhibitions. It’s on the one hand a sprawling introduction to the life and work of this Swiss-born giant, on a scale that MoMA, hard though it may be to believe, has never previously organized.”


SAMOO completes angular cultural addition to Seoul with Buk Seoul Museum of Art

WAN, 25 July 2013


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA –“Relatively lacking cultural facilities, the north-eastern part of Seoul required a new cultural space that would provide citizens with equal opportunities to enjoy culture-rich lives. Reviving the memories of Nowon which used to be a field of reeds, the design team at SAMOO Architects & Engineers visualised a cultural hill that would harmonise with the gallery park.”


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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Launches New Website With Grand Opening of Space Shuttle Atlantis

Orlando Theme Park News, 2 July 2013


ORLANDO, FL, USA – “June 2013 was an exciting month filled with new beginnings for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with the June 29 grand opening of Space Shuttle Atlantis (SM), the world’s most comprehensive and interactive attraction devoted to NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex also launched a new website at its familiar URL. “


Robot Tour Guide Demonstrated at Tokyo Museum

AP, 3 July 2013


TOKYO, JAPAN – “Honda Motor Co.'s walking, talking interactive robot is running into glitches in its new job as a museum guide in Tokyo. The bubble-headed Asimo machine had problems telling the difference between people raising their hands to ask questions and those aiming their smartphones to take photos at the Miraikan science museum.”


To Tweet Seat or not to Tweet Seat: A Perspective

Technology in the Arts, 11 July 2013


PHILADELPHIA, USA – “To tweet seat or not to tweet seat; that’s the question on everyone’s mind. If our audiences are evolving, why are we still connecting with them in the same manner as the previous generation of administrators? After the success of email, facebook, and blogs, it only makes sense to give the Twitterverse a try, right? “Why?” can be applied to anything; and should actually be applied to everything. “


Is DIY design more than a passing fad?

Guardian, 24 July 2013


LONDON, UK – “ “The future is here,” declares a neon sign in London's Design Museum, at the entrance to an exhibition that attempts the impossible – to capture the “new industrial revolution” of 3D-printing, open-source design, hacking, crowd-funding, distributed manufacturing, disassembly and recycling, all in one room. Momentarily, the sign seems to lose faith in its own endeavour: two more neon letters flicker into life, and for a few seconds it reads “The future was here.” “


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Art and Culture



Global Forum of Museum Directors to Meet at the Met in New York

The Art Newspaper, 26 July 2013


NEW YORK, NY, USA – “ "The director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas Campbell, plans to strengthen the institution’s international relations by inviting a small group of fellow directors from across the world to come to New York for an in-depth “colloquium” next year. Due to be hosted by the Met in the spring (7-18 April 2014), Campbell hopes that the directors of museums in Latin America, Africa and Asia in particular will attend." “


Film Released as Part of $3 Million Columbia Icefield Visitor Centre Revitalization

Government Canada, 22 June 2013


JASPER, AB, CANADA – “The Honourable Rob Merrifield, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, today announced the launch of the Jasper National Park film, Through Ice and Time, a component of a larger $3 million project to revitalize Jasper’s Columbia Icefield visitor centre.”


$15M Pledged for California Automobile Museum Renovation

Sacramento CBS, 5 July 2013


CALIFORNIA, USA – “A private investor says he’ll put up $15 million to construct a new building for the California Automobile Museum.  It’s a classic case of out with the old and in with the new. But it’s not out with the old cars, but in with a new modern makeover for the museum.”


African American Museum Acquires Large Prison Tower

Complex Art+Design Magazine, 5 July 2013


WASHINGTON, USA – “Museums are donated many kinds of things, but this one is a bit unusual. The new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington will receive a 20-foot-tall prison guard tower from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola, for its collection.”


First Stage of Multi-Million Pound Restoration Project Unveiled

Portsmouth News, 5 July 2013


GOSPORT, UK – “The first stage of a multi-million pound restoration project on the only surviving British Second World War-era submarine has been unveiled. Visitors got to see the restored HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport. After a 28-year operational career, decades of exposure to sea water and dampness had caused severe corrosion, which had left the submarine in a terrible state. The Alliance Conservation Project set about an ambitious £7m conservation project, funded partly by a £3.4m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to restore her back to her former glory.”


A Russian Museum Feud With Putin in the Middle

New York Times, 5 July 2013


ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – “The resignation this week of Irina Antonova as director of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow would seem to be connected to her age. After all, Ms. Antonova, the Pushkin’s director since 1961 and the grande dame of the Russian museum world, is 91. But it also appears to be the latest chapter in a bitter dispute between the Pushkin and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg over works by Matisse, Picasso and other Modernist masters. And it is a case study of the role of art and culture in President Vladimir V. Putin’s Russia and a sign of the battles among Russia’s elite.”


Engagingly offbeat docu-drama draws links between Renaissance art and modern society.

Hollywood Reporter, 8 July 2012


LOCARNO, SWITZERLAND – “Wintry Vienna provides the picturesque backdrop for this engrossing U.S.-Austrian co-production, a lightly experimental fusion of drama and documentary that has just premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. The writer-director Jem Cohen has built his career largely outside the commercial mainstream, though his work has been shown in the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney. Museum Hours is an unorthodox hybrid beast, but still the 50-year-old New Yorker’s most conventional dramatic feature to date. Full of charm, intelligence and dry humour, it deserves to find a discerning theatrical audience beyond Cohen’s usual festival-circuit following.”


Bradford's National Media Museum Seeks Dr. Who Memorabilia For Upcoming Exhibition

BBC, 8 July 2013


BRADFORD, UK – “Fans of Doctor Who are being asked to contribute to a major exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford. The exhibition will focus on fans' devotion and relationship to the show, which is now in its 50th year. Exhibition curator Toni Booth said she was hoping people would contribute official merchandise they have collected over the years. The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who will air on BBC One on 23 November.”


Beauty on Field and on Exhibit

New York Times, 13 July 2013


USA – “Art meets athletics at several small sports-themed museums throughout the country. “The same key characteristics are required to become a pro hockey player or a world-renowned sculptor,” said Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, the founder and chief executive of the United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Ala. “Persistence, self-confidence, tolerance for risk, belief in your own vision, a standard of excellence and an appreciation for your role in the progress of the community.” “


Ancient Monument Discovered at El Peru-Waka in Guatemala

French Tribune, 18 July 2013


EL PERU-WAKA, GUATEMALA – "A stone monument dated back nearly 1,450 years has been found by some archaeologists from the United States and Guatemala. They excavated ancient Maya city of `El Peru-Waka'. This monument is dubbed as El Peru Stela 44."


How Arts Can Enhance a Heritage Site

Guardian, 26 July 2013


LONDON, UK – “In 2001, the whole length of British coastline from Exmouth to Studland was designated by Unesco as a natural World Heritage Site – natural heritage so precious that it must be conserved, protected and passed on to future generations intact. The coast is the only place in the world that records 185 million years of the earth's history in just 95 miles, telling the story of the Mesozoic era of the world, from 250 to 65 million years ago. This designation led to an explosion of activity along the coast as local organisations got to grips with how this could impact positively on their work. In 2005, a new interpretation action plan acknowledged the role of the arts in engaging people with the site. This led to an ambitious cultural strategy, which in turn led to the development of a multi-faceted arts programme.”


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"Addressing Gettysburg" Film Produced for Battle's 150th Anniversary

Gettysburg College, 21 June 2013


GETTYSBURG, USA – “For the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, History Associates and Gettysburg College, then called Pennsylvania College and located right in the midst of the conflict, challenged Northern Light to produce a cinematic experience encouraging visitors to reconsider the aftermath of the bloody Civil War then and today.”


Architects Added to $428m Cultural Centre Project

The West Australian, 27 June 2013


PERTH, AUSTRALIA – “The new WA Museum has taken the next step with two key advisers appointed to help define the scope of the $428.3 million project planned for the Perth Cultural Centre.Sydney architects Johnson Pilton Walker and museum planners Root Projects Australia would contribute to the project definition plan on the use and cost of the various elements and the schedule for completing them, Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said.”


Richmond Dedicates $4.3 Million to Restore Cultural History

News 1130, 6 July 2013


RICHMOND, BC – “Richmond is making sure it’s historic buildings don’t become a thing of the past. The city has earmarked $4.3 million dedicated exclusively to the restoration and refurbishing of its cultural history. Councilor Bill McNulty says projects like the recently completed 100-year-old Steveston interurban tram and barn keep the city’s past alive. He only wishes they could have restored the iconic station along with it. “We want to maintain what we have. We’re very fortunate to be able to have buildings that are over 100 years old,” says McNulty. “


Chengdu's New Century Global Centre is Largest building in the world – complete with indoor seaside, its own beach resort, cinemas, shops – and a replica Mediterranean village

The Guardian, 9 July 2013


CHENGDU, CHINA – “A 100m tall cliff-face of blue mirrored glass, stretching 500m along a triumphal plaza, the New Century Global Centre houses an entire seaside resort, along with a 14-screen Imax cinema, Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and its own Mediterranean shopping village – all wrapped with a vast ribbon of offices. Sprawling for 1.7m square metres, it could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses beneath its glass roof. It is declared by its creators to be "a landmark which commands the world and is looked upon by the world with respect," a pleasure dome that Kubla Khan could only dream of.”


Culture Programme ahead of 2014 Commonwealth Games

Leisure Management, 18 July 2013


GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – “The countdown to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is to be marked by a 12-month cultural programme one year before the games kick-off. Culture 2014, which begins later this month, will see theatre, dance, music and comedy events held around Scotland in celebration of the Games.The 2014 cultural programme is a collaboration between the games' organising committee, Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life.”


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