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Quoi de neuf chez Lord

Events / February 5, 2020
Brampton 2040 Speaker Series

Four nights | 10 Speakers | Hundreds of Ideas

At this free event you will hear from and engage with international leaders who have successfully implemented transformational change in other communities.

The series, part of a larger project that is aimed at developing the Brampton 2040 Plan to implementing the Brampton 2040 Vision, that followed extensive public engagement in the fall of 2017.

The Brampton 2040 Vision was endorsed by Council in May of 2018. Brampton 2040 depicts a more sustainable, urban, vibrant and economically successful direction for the City. Building upon the 2040 engagement process, the objective of these events is to share ideas with the community as to how we can move from vision to action.

Brad King, Vice President with Lord Cultural Resources, is speaking as part of series on February 5, 2020.

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News / February 5, 2020
Children in Museums Award 2020 now accepting nominations!

Lord Cultural Resources conducted our first strategy for a children's museum in 1983. Since then we have completed more than 90 projects for children's museums in 12 countries. 

The Children’s Museum Award presented by Hands On! And EMA prize is an exciting international prize – celebrating exceptional and excellent children’s exhibition programmes.  Apply before February 15 to have your museum recognized. The winner of the Miffy Trophy will receive a 5000€ cash prize.

Apply today

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the International African American Museum
Newsletters / January 31, 2020
Construction of the International African American Museum is underway at Gadsden’s Wharf

As January draws to a close and we begin to mark Black History Month, this issue of Cultural News features the International African American Museum. Construction has begun on this prestigious project, which has been designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners to honour the site at which enslaved Africans were brought into the US. Initially proposed in 2000 and now scheduled for completion in late 2021, the 41,800sq ft (3,900sq m) facility is being constructed on Gadsden’s Wharf in Charleston, South Carolina. It is estimated that up to 80 per cent of African Americans in the US today can trace their ancestry to the wharf.

“For many Africans headed into the forced labor of slavery, Gadsden’s Wharf was the beginning, the landing place, after a treacherous Transatlantic journey. The International African American Museum at this site is an incredibly important opportunity to connect America — especially the nearly 80% of African Americans, that can potentially trace an ancestor to arrival in Charleston — with the stories of ancestors whose names we will never know,” said Joy Bailey Bryant, Vice President at Lord Cultural Resources.

Lord Cultural Resources is proud to be a trusted partner with IAAM, having completed the Business Plan in 2018 in preparation for groundbreaking.

See Our Work with International African American Museum.

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News / January 16, 2020
Displays and displacement

Museums improve urban spaces - we must ensure that their soft power isn’t used as a force for gentrification. Today there are somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 museums in the world, depending on how you count them and what you count. There have been two main museum-building booms: the first, in the global north and west, occurred between 1780 and 1900, stim-ulated by nation-building and colonialism as royal col-lections were transformed into national museums. The second, which started in 1980 and is still going, is fuelled by urbanisation and rising urban real-estate values world-wide; in 2008 we became majority urban dwellers for the first time in history as the number of people living in cities surpassed 50 per cent.

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News / December 20, 2019
America’s first museum hotel just opened in New Orleans - and it’s worth checking in

It’s fitting that America’s first true museum hotel is at one of America’s very best museums, and a longtime personal favorite of mine, the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. If you haven’t been, go, and if you have been, go back - this was my fourth visit, and every time there are new exhibits and in many cases, entire new wings or buildings. Last year TripAdvisor users named it the nation’s third best museum behind only New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and at Number One, the 9/11 Museum (also an amazing can’t miss experience).

Congratulations to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Lord Cultural Resources is so proud to have worked with you to develop your campus and your leaning strategies.

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News / December 18, 2019
Museums and heritage: Building livable communities through soft power

Check out this article on building livable communities through soft power by Gail Lord on page 26 at the current issue of Heritage Matters: Rethink. Revitalize.

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Nous collaborons avec...

Musées et galleries

Nous travaillons avec vous à travers la vision, la planification et les phases de mise en œuvre pour créer de nouveaux repères culturels, prenant présence dans la communauté environnante.


Nous aidons les villes à construire des espaces culturels qui attirent sur les forces et les actifs existants, vous permettant de développer la géographie locale, l'architecture et le talent artistique en le transformant en une destination touristique culturelle.

Jardins et parcs

Lord Cultural Resources a été un partenaire dans la planification et l'exécution de nombreux jardins botaniques, des expositions horticoles, des collections vivantes, et d'autres initiatives culturelles basées sur la nature.

Sites Historiques et Patrimoniaux

Nous abordons chaque projet du patrimoine et de l'histoire avec un regard neuf, avec l'élaboration et l'exécution des plans qui sont adaptés uniquement aux histoires que chaque site doit dire.

Centres scientifiques

Nous vous aidons à planifier et à créer des musées scientifiques avec une présence et un style unique. Nous croyons à l'élaboration de la culture et le contexte local pour offrir aux visiteurs, des expériences significatives scientifiques riches qui inspirent.

archives et bibliothèques

Nous avons une vaste expérience dans le développement et le renouvellement des archives et des bibliothèques, en les transformant en espaces dynamiques et d’engagement.

Expos, festivals et événements

Nous aidons la conception d'expositions et de festivals avant-gardistes qui mettent en personne l'identité et la réputation d'un lieu dans le monde. Nous pouvons aider à la planification, la conception, la programmation et le développement du tourisme à long terme.

Architectes, designers et développeurs

Lorsque les projets impliquent de multiples partenaires créatifs, nous favorisons la collaboration et la synergie. Un succès partagé conduit toujours à plus.


Certains de nos projets les plus intéressants et passionnants ne correspondent pas de catégories standard. Si votre vision implique des idées non décrites sur ce site, ou des concepts que personne n'a tenté auparavant, nous sommes intrigués! Et nous voulons vous entendre.


Nos publications

Museum Development in China
Museum Development in China
Edited by Gail Dexter Lord, Guan Qiang, An Laishun, Javier Jimenez
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The Manual of Strategic Planning for Cultural Organizations
The Manual of Strategic Planning for Cultural Organizations
By Gail Dexter Lord and Kate Markert
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The Manual of Digital Museum Planning
Manual of Digital Museum Planning
Edited by Ali Hossaini and Ngaire Blankenberg with Gail Lord and Barry Lord
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